Top 10 Worst Wildfires In The World History

Have your eyes ever experienced worst wildfires? Mostly the international forests face great sum of widlfires as they are equipped with the elecrticity services as well. Here we have some top 10 worst wildfires in the world history as after reading them you will surely get into shock for few seconds!

10. 2012 Chios Forest Fire:


As nearly at 2 a.m. on 18 August 2012, an unruly fire started into the Greek island of Chios. This fire just destroyed 16000 acres of farmlands and forests. As about 360 firefighters and 50 vehicles were trying to put out the thirst of this monster!

9. 2001 Warragamba Bushfires:


On December 25, 2001, a dangerous bushfire spread in the town of Warragamba named as New South Wales (NSW) that destroyed 120 homes and businesses. This bushfire also known as, “Black Christmas”! It just travelled 60 kilometers in just 6 hours and affected its neighboring towns.

8. 2003 Canberra Bushfires:


On 18th of January, 2003, after burning for a weak, the fire entered into the residential area near the border of Canberra. It just destroyed 400 homes within a short period of 10 hours.

7. Black Saturday Bushfire:


On Saturday, 17th of February 2009 hence aseries of bus h fires occurred due to the clashing of power lines. This was responsible in support of the death of 173 people and combustion of 2030 houses in addition to 3500 structures.

6. 2010 Bolivia Forest Fire:


This incident of wildfire caused the worst damage not only in the Amazon but also on the countryside of Brazil. Over 25000 fires were burning across 3700000 acres and damaged more than 60 houses.

5. Ash Wednesday Bushfires:


It was the most costliest disaster in the Australia’s history that buried 3700 buildings, burnt the houses of 2545 persons and killed more than 34000 sheep’s and 18000 cattle’s.

4. 1967 Tasmanian Fires:


Tasmanian bushfire that is also known as “Black Tuesday” initiated on 7th February 1967. It is the most deadly bushfire as it annihilated 62 people, injured 900 people and left more than 700 people without home.

3. Wallow Fire:


This fire destroyed 2180 kilometers of the area in Arizona and nearby countries. The estimated cost of damage was $109 million.

2. Fire on the Luneburg Heath:


This incident took place on 1975 in the southern part of Luneburg Heath present in north Germany. As nearly 15000 firefighters tried to over-come the flames of fire. This fire lasted from 7thAugust 1975 to 17th August 1975.

1. The Great Peshtigo Fire:


The Great Peshtigo Fire was ignited on October 8 1871. It even gives away the phone line, telegraph services and electricity as complete demolished.
Each single wildfire seems to be like the monster as it gives great sum of destructions to the entire country! Which one do you think was much disasterous?

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