Top 10 Walled Cities In The World

Walled cities are best way that give away the superb appearance to the whole city and make it appear as attractive looking. But there are some specific reasons to make the cities entitles as walled cities! Here we will have a look at the top 10 walled cities in the world!

10. Brielle, Netherlands:


The Netherlands is full of walled cities. Many of the city walls have been demolished or were damaged during World War II. Brielle has changed hands a few times as just including being ceded to the English in a treaty in 1585.

9. Toledo, Spain:


Toledo is famous for its beautiful cathedral, but the medieval walls are an interesting sight too. The city used to be the center of the Spanish Empire as just under the Visigoths, and so good defenses were essential. Toledo had natural advantages as at the same time it was sited on a hill and had a river on three sides.

8. Binche, Belgium:


Belgium is home to many former walled cities but it is Binche that retains the greatest sections of wall as in the company of 2.1km of fortifications dating from 1230. Binche is also known as the home of binge drinking The 1,000 “Gilles” also wear hats with large ostrich feathers on them and throw oranges into the crowd.

7. Carcassonne, France:


Next, a French city that is a classic example of a walled city, so much so that it’s had a game named after it. It is a natural fortress as it’s built on a hill and the walls have been restored. The restoration took place in the 19th century, but to walk all the way through the city now you could still be in medieval times.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia:


Its old town is also surrounded by 2km of walls as which were useful when it suffered a 7-month siege in 1991 by the JNA. There was some damage to the city walls but it was not destroyed and has since been restored by UNESCO in the original style. Now, around 7,000 tourists walk the walls each year.

5. Diyarbakır, Turkey:


The walls of this city are so ancient that they don’t have a date. The walls are almost intact, and are 5.5km long, surrounding the city in black basalt. There are 4 gates, as well as 82 watch towers. The town itself is well preserved, with mosques and madrasa dating from the medieval times as well as museums and churches.

4. York, England:


The most complete set of walls are found in York as the center of the city is almost entirely enclosed, in the company of all the gateways still intact, and the walls form a 4km circuit. Some bits are Roman, some are Norman, some medieval and some are even from the last two centuries.

3. Itchan Kala, Uzbekistan:


The walls are 10m tall and are remarkably intact as just given that they date from the 10th century. The town itself is a mix of eras, in the company of some 18th century buildings and some more modern.

2. Taroudant, Morocco:


This entire town is contained within the walls, but there are plans to establish building outside the walls soon as to link up in the company of a nearby university.

1. Pingyao, China:


But the biggest and most impressive walls are, as ever, to be found in China. They are 12m high, 6km long walls that enclose what UNESCO describe as an “exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional Han Chinese city”. There are 6 fortified gates in the wall, as well as 72 bastions.
So this is we have ended up with the details of top 10 most famous walled cities in the world! Which one do you think has been designed in fascinating and exceptional way?

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