Top 10 Scariest And Dangerous Rides In The World

There is no doubt about the fact that the world has been full of adrenaline filled thrills. Most of these thrills move toward in the forms of rides as which are located in various amusement parks in the region of the world! Some people have strong heart and they can easily get over the dangerous rides but at the same time there are some people who simply cant stand closer to the rides.

Top 10 Scariest And Dangerous Rides In The World

10. X2:


It is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain. X2 was first launched in 2002 and has been providing people in the company of thrills ever since. This is a “fourth dimensional” ride that will drop you through 360-degree turns and unexpected twists.

9. Fahrenheit:


Fahrenheit is located in Hershey Park and is a ride which adrenaline junkies crave. It was built in May of 2008 as this scary ride has a whopping 120-foot drop that will plunge you straight into a 97-degree dip. This is the steepest angle drop that you will come across in the United States.

8. Insanity:


This green colored ride will throw you through a variety of twists and turns. It just reaches speeds of about 40 miles per hour and it will absolutely be an unforgettable experience.

7. Colossus:


It is located in the UK and was building in 2002. As the ride contains a record number of 10 inversions and will throw you for a wild ride.

6. Kingda Ka:


Kingda Ka is by far the fastest and highest sailing rollercoaster in the United States. It is the “big daddy” of coasters and will send you whopping 450-feet into the air. You will reach a top speed of about 130 miles per hour. It will be dropped down a 270-foot spiral drop that will leave you screaming.

5. Eejanaika:


On this ride you will go through some insane 360-degree turns that are brought as one by more than a few head-over-heel spins. It is located at Fuji-Q Highland which is in Japan.

4. Tower of Terror:


This is quite easily the tallest and fastest thrill ride in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the fourth fastest and reaches a top speed of about 100 miles per hour. Its ride will carry you up about 38 stories and then drop at a rate of 4 G’s.

3. Expedition GeForce:


Expedition GeForce will make it to the top of the list! It is one of the largest roller coasters in Europe as it can reach 4.5 G’s as it takes you all the way through a 203 foot drop at over 75 miles per hour.

2. Maverick:


It is located in Cedar Point as this ride cost about $21 million dollars to make and was built in 2007. It holds the record in support of being the most expensive ride to construct. It hence reaches speeds of over 70 miles per hour.

1. Superman Ride of Steel:


It is located at Six Flags New England as the Super Ride of Steel has won the award for best roller coaster in the United States every single year. It has a 220 foot drop with over 75 mile per hour speeds. This is an unpredictable ride that will chuck you through tons of quick twists and turns.
Just fasten your seat belts and experience each one of these dangerous but amazing rides right now! You will love to ride on them again and again!

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