Top 10 Scariest Aliens In The World

It is time to have a look at the top 10 scariest aliens in the world:

Top 10 Scariest Aliens In The World

10. Faceless Aliens


We have seen them on the“X Files”, they were the rebellions who managed to inject the entire alien kind with their virus. They had no faces and looked much scariest! They can also pass for humans much and quite convincingly. It would be better for you not to mess them up with!

9. Weeping Angels


Have you watched “Blink”, if yes then you must have seen these weeping angels in that Blink! These kinds of aliens often send their victims just back in time and they do not kill them up. They normally eat necks. The minute you will be watching them up, they will be creating trouble for you. They have this complete lack of emotion.

8. The Thing


We have seen them in the film that was opened on June 25th 1982! That fil actually featured a genuinely kind of scary alien who resemble nearby many of the humans. It was a sci-fi horror film where the alien spaceship lands and then The Thing “assimilates” humans living.

7. The Sarlacc


They debuted at the time in 1983’s “Return of the Jedi”, it is for your information that this Sarlacc was a kind of giant hole in that desert. It had that huge and sharp teeth. It also acquired CGI tentacles and also a beak. Just get afraid from its gaping mouth because it will be haunting your dreams if it will be infront of you!

6. The Daleks


It is a kind of upside down dustbin, these aliens have no mercy with any kinds of creatures. If they want to kill you, they will be killing you for sure. You will calling them a kind of ruthless killing machines, they look like robots but they do not work like robots.

5. The Blob


It does not look that much threatening, they came in the film named as the Blob of the 1958, These aliens have this habit of swallowing and eating people. It was also thought that this creeping red blob was there to show communism.

4. The Shadows


Shadows from TV series named as “Babylon 5” had aliens, that had this exoskeleton that looked like a spider. They had 6 jagged legs and they also make use of stealth just as their main attack weapon.

3. The Body snatchers


They came in the TV shows like that of “The Event”, these aliens have quite and rather peacefully assimilated in our society, they blowed up the White House and called them asan an “Independence Day”. Their habit of body snatching is quite annoying!

2. Predator


We saw in the 1987 film where they finds a planet so that they can rip the inhabitants and that too just for fun. This film was a kind of gore-packed action and spawned two sequels.

1. The Alien


They appeared in the Ridley Scott’s 1979 film! These aliens have this habit to just burst out the chests of human beings.
So these are the top 10 scariest aliens in the world.

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