Top 10 Popular Celebrities And Their Amazing Phobia

We know that phobia is irrational kind of fear, it is that scariness which we often experience in our daily lives situations. We do have phobias, each one of us do have a fear of something, some of the people have the phobia of snakes, some of the people get afraid from heights, some of the people get that scary feeling when they see water, some child gets a phobia because of the twisting roads, some of the people have phobia to interact with others. Here we will be telling you something bit of different and it is that what the phobias of the top 10 popular celebrities are! If you want to know that who are those top 10 popular celebrities and what their phobias are then you do read this post in detail, you also have to let us know that which of the phobia of that top 10 popular celebrity has amazed you a lot!

Top 10 Popular Celebrities And Their Amazing Phobia
10. Keanu Reeves: Nyctophobia/Scotophobia


Though he has performed actions in The Matrix and also in the Speed but in his personal life, he has faced his girlfriend’s death in an automobile accident. It was all in night accident, yes he has seen darkness, he has the fear of darkness.

9. Madonna: Astraphobia/Brontophobia


She is the American singer-songwriter, she is one of the boldest musicians in this entertainment industry. At the age of 55, she can set a storm, she all th times gives seductive performances but she has this paralyzing fear of thunderstorms. She has a fear of thunder and also lightning.

8. Natalie Wood: Hydrophobia


Famous for her works like West Side Story and also for the 34th Street but she has a fear for water. She is terrified of being in water. It was heard that when she was a young girl, she had been fallen into the water below and it was a trick by her mother.

7. Johnny Depp: Coulrophobia


He has these excellent acting skills, he has done these characters, like Captain Sparrow and also Edward Scissorhand, Willy Wonka but he is also scared of clowns, he has this fear of looking at their fake smiles and their painted faces. He gets the feeling of dark and evil beneath their surfaces.

6. David Beckham: Ataxophobia


He has the biggest fear of disorder, he has the fear of mess and untidiness. Everything around him should be organized. He wants everything coordinated and it has to be arranged in terms of quantity, size and in even numbers.

5. Woody Allen: Panophobia


He is a veteran actor and screenwriter, he is a sufferer of Panophobia, it is the fear of practically everything, he is afraid of heights, he is afraid of enclosed places, and he is afraid of insects, yes he has spent 40 years in the psychoanalysis.

4. Pamela Anderson: Eisoptrophobia


Do you know that she is not fond looking on the mirrors, she has a phobia of mirrors. She has the concept that this reflection in the mirror is the reflection of her soul.

3. Nicole Kidman: Lepidopterphobia


She is afraid from the butterfly. She finds them weird, it is their hairy feet that scares her! She is awfully scared from them. This fear is associated with Mottephobia, it is named as the fear of moths.

2. Alfred Hitchcock: Ovophobia


He is a director and producer of Hollywood, he has the deep fear of eggs, he had never tasted even one in his life time. Can you believe all this that he has not even tasted a single in his life time, yes, it is all true, has this phoebia!

1. Oprah Winfrey: Chiclephobia


She has a fear of chewing gums, she has also banned them from having it. Yes, she just hates these kinds of chewing gums and cannot at all tolerate that person that chews these gums!

If we talk about some of the other phoebias then we have seen that the US President, George Washington fear being buried alive, Richard Nixon, had a fear of hospitals.  Napoleon Bonaparte had a fear of cats.  Nikola Tesla had the fear of jewelry, Sigmund Freud has the fear of weapons. So, this is the list of top 10 popular celebrities and their amazing phobia! Do let us know your comments too, if you know the phobia of any other popular celebrity then do share with us. You have to let us know too that what is your phobia? We are sure that you will all these phoebias much interesting now, we will be letting you know more about the phoebia of some other actors and actresses and other famous people so stay tuned with, right now you can enjoy this list and enjoy reading out the details and these interesting facts too!

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