Top 10 Popular Animated Movies Of All The Time

Do you love to watch animated movies? Animated movies are loved at the best by the kids but sometimes some animated movies are so impressive and interesting that even the adults love to watch them again and again just like beauty and the beast, cinderella and lion king. But now so many animated films are coming up that are replacing the old memorable animated movies.

Top 10 Popular Animated Movies Of All The Time

10. Wall E:


This film is all about the dramatic story of robots. The movie is quite interesting and added with the unique ideas that make it worth to watch out. Robots are addedwith the dialogues delivery that mesmerized the audience with its work.

9. The Croods:


This movie was designed with the aim of being animated with the risk. But it came up with successful results. It is one of the top ten best animated movies of all time lists. It is added with the various characters that came in your life for some lesson.

8. Monsters Inc:


This animated film is quite entertaining to watch. The movie is just started selling various ranges of toys as based on the movie. It explains the world as filled with the monsters that appears to be quite interesting and unique.

7. Finding Nemo:


This movie is about the animated clown fish that is travelling from his cozy and protected home in one corner of the ocean to save his only son in the other corner of the ocean world. It is impressive designed with the added emotions in it that will make you cry for sure.

6. Toy Story 3:



This movie is another best idea to watch out as it is added with the unique and interesting characters. It is named up to be the leading franchise in the animated film industry.

5. Beauty and The Beast:


This movie has been introduced under the Disney banner of productions. It is loved by the kids as well as adults. It is romantic film story between a beast and a beautiful lady.

4. Toy Story:


Toy Story is loved by millions of people because of its unique ideas and characters. It gives the beautiful message of love, friendship and loyalty.

3. Spirited Away:


This is named up to be the most successful Japanese animated movie of all time, Its graphic work, designs and characters are simply mesmerizing to watch for.

2. The Lion King:


Lion King is named as amongst the successful animated movies of all time. No one can take its place. It is added with the emotions that unveil the fact that even the animals have emotions too.

1. Despicable Me 2:


At the end and on top we have Despicable Me 2! It is quite an anticipated movie to watch out that is quite a lot getting famous and successful in the audiences.
This was the complete list of the top 10 most famous animated movies of all time! All the movies are best at their place! They are famous in both kids as well as adults. Which movie is your favorite?

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