Top 10 Notorious Countries Hith Highest Rape Crime Rate

It is sad and depressing fact that women and girls and even female childs are not safe at all, they have been sexually assualted, they have been brutally raped, they become the victim of sexual violence, they become the victim of gang rape and most of all whole of this society is quite on this issue! The cases of gang rape, sexual violence, harassment have been mounting day by day and the main reason is that we do not punish those wild men who do all this! If you want to know about those countries that have the highest number of cases of rape then we will let you know about them. Below is the list of all those notorious countries that have these highest cases of rape.

Top 10 Notorious Countries Hith Highest Rape Crime Rate

  1. Ethiopiacrime

Women Against Rape demonstration London

It has the highest rates of violence and rape against women. It has been seen that nearly 70% of Ethiopian women have always been subjected to sexual violence and so far no efforts have been made to do some productive for the women community.

  1. Thailand


Though it is a land of beauty but here we have also seen that women have been sexually abused in every other day. We have seen that this women gender is not all safe in this place and something needs to be done.

  1. France


It was seen that rape was not a crime in France until in the year of 1980. Then a law on sexual-harassment was then approved in 1992. We have studied that there are 80,000 rapes per year in this country and only 10 percent of the victims used to file complaints.

  1. Mexico


We have now been seeing many of the cases of raping in Mexico, it is now making the situation the worst. Now, too cases have been increasing and the Mexican government has not been doing anything.

  1. United Kingdom


Though UK is one of the developed countries but number of taxi rapes has been taking place in UK it was seen that a girl was raped about 90 times in one week. Rape Crisis is a famous organization that has been working for the awareness of this crime.

  1. Germany


It has been estimated that about 250,000 women have been died because of this crime. It is viewed that German Catholics have now been allowing the morning-after pills for all the rape victims but this is actually moving backward in humanity.

  1. Sweden


Now every four women is the victim of rape in Sweden. The Swedish police has recorded that in 2009 there were about 16,000 reported cases of sexual offenses in Sweden, in 2008, we saw a rise of 8%. In 2009, an increase of 58% was seen.

  1. USA

Hands Covering Man's Eye and Startled Woman's Mouth

Hands Covering Man’s Eye and Startled Woman’s Mouth

Though it is the super power of the world but it is also in the race of rapes. Outdoor rape is much common in USA, college girls are reported at the age of 14. The USA government should be taking some serious steps now.

  1. South Africa


It has the 60,000 rape cases in 2012. It is now called as the “rape capital of the world”. Such a developed country it is but we have seen that the government has failed to give protection to this female community.

  1. India


India has now become one such kind of place where we can see that this sexual assault has been rapidly increasing. It has been according to the National Crime Records Bureau that so far 25,000 rape cases had been reported in 2012 and unreported cases are much higher. Most of the rape cases were committed by the relatives and also by neighbors. If we talk about the new cases of rape then they have been reported by every 22 minutes in India.

So, all these are the countries that have now become the quite and rather infamous one when it comes to the treatment and protection towards women and girls. It is also this irony of fact that most of the countries are those countries that are 100% developed and we are much shocked and surprised to see that they also do not treat their women and girls well. It is the need of the hour that we should be doing some constructive now for this female society. In the whole world, women constitute about 50% of the population, they are the one who will be making the generation. If we will be treating them like in this way then we are afraid that one day, this world will only comprise of men only! Stay tuned with us and we will keep you posted about the women situation in the world. It is time to stay alert and give answer when anyone will be raping any women next time.

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