Top 10 Nail Polish Brands In 2015

As we all know that the beauty is an ornament for women. Women are beautiful in their own eyes and always seem to be busy in grooming their personality. Women always use makeup products that enhance their beauty. There are so many makeup products are popular in which nail polish, lipsticks, eye shadows, plumper, foundation and so many more. There are so many big brands are working to provide these products yearly. Here in this post I am sharing top 10 nail polish brands in 2015 below.

Top 10 Nail Polish Brands In 2015

Right here in this post i am sharing top 10 nail polish brands in 2015 below. These nail polish brands are very popular in all over the country. Let’s check out their names below.

10. Bobbi Brown:

10. boobbi brown

If you are searching for some long lasting nail polish for you then the range of Bobbi Brown nail polish is best for you. Bobbi Brown is the world famous makeup brand. Bobbi Brown offers wide range of nail polishes. They produce various shades that give smooth and glowing look to nails. Their nail polishes are long lasting, easy to apply and dry quickly. Their nail paints give glossy effects and shimmer looks that give a stunning and awesome look to nails of hands and feet.

9. RGB:

7. covergirl

RGB is a famous and popular brand that offers makeup products in a wide range. Their nail polish range is also very famous in women because they provide free of carcinogenic material. The shimmery look of nail paints is awesome and stunning. Their nail polishes do not contain dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde and toluene. Their nail colors are also long lasting and give contemporary looks with various shades.

8. NARS:

9. mars

NARS is one in the most leading and reputed cosmetics brands. NARS is famous for their nail polish and lipsticks range. Their nail polishes are very popular because they come in a fines quality. They are providing best quality nail polishes that give women a captivating shine and contemporary look. These nail polishes give stunning and classical look to nails. They are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. Their nail color range includes sheer, opaque, glossy, creamy and shimmery shades.

7. CND:

8. cnd

If you want give your nails a stunning look then the nail polishes are best for this creative design brand named CDN. Yes, CDN is the most popular nail polish brand who brings style and color to the nails of women. It is an international brand and mostly used by professionals. Their nail polishes provide flawless look, beautiful color and long lasting result. Their wide range of nail polishes is available in markets.

6. Sally Hansen:

6. sally hansen

Sally Hansen is also another famous nail polish brand in the world.It is providing fine quality nail polish that gives you stunning and shimmery look. Their nail polish gives not only a smooth look but also provide captivating look. They are very easy to apply and dry quickly. Their nail polishes are also available in various shades of shimmery and glossy.

5. L’Oreal:

5. loreal

L’Oreal is a very well known for their best nail polish range. Their nail polish comes in various patterns that give your nails a stunning and catchy look. It has a wide range of nail colors that you can find in very affordable price. Their nail polishes are rich in color and staying power is lasting. Their luxurious nail glaze effect is the main reason of popularity. Their nail polishes are gluten free and chip free.

4. Essie:

4. essie

Essie is the widely renowned and reputed nail polish brand. They are offering wide range of nail polishes that give your nails a smooth and appealing look. They offer contemporary nail lacquers that give a contemporary look and flawless finish to nails. Their vibrant and stunning nail polishes make every woman fall in love with this brand. They always launch new and unique colors that every woman need for her grooming.

3. Revlon:


If we talk about most popular nail polish brand in all over the world then the name of Revlon always comes in our mind. Revlon is providing best quality nail polishes. Their wide variety of nail polishes is available inside markets. They are offering good nail polish range in which you will find shimmery to glossy and creamy to luminous nail polishes. Their nail paint gives brilliant effect and good strength. The colors are available in wide range. Every year, Revlon launches their nail polish range that cannot be ignored.

2. China Glaze:

2. china glaze

China glaze is also very famous for their nail polish range. It is an amazing brand who provides best quality nail paint colors. Their nail polish committed to provide excellence and innovative nail polishes. China laze provides beautiful and shimmery yet long lasting nail polish range. Their various nail color are available inside markets that are ready to give subtle, smooth and contemporary look to woman’s hand.

1. OPI:


OPI is also another famous nail polish brand. It is providing best quality nail polishes. OPI is a number 1 nail polish rand in top 10 nail polish brands in 2015. This nail polish brand is providing high quality nail polishes that come in a wide range of colors. This brand is providing shimmery nail polish to give awesome look to nails. They give exceptional formulas and fashionable colors.
These are the top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. All are famous and providing wide range of nail colors. Which one do you like ?

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