Top 10 Most Notorious American Bike Gangs Ever

All of us have misconceptions about bikers as they are the rowdy ones who get into brawls and broils. It is not true because there are countless bikers who follow the rules and not create destruction or problems for their fellow inhabitants. In the bike gang zone, no rules and regulations are taken care of. These people enjoy creating mess and making the things destructed. Here are the top 10 most notorious American bike gangs ever.

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs Ever

10. Outlaws

Formed in 1935 in the state of Illinois of United States, the Outlaws is a dangerous bike gang, with major rival the Hell’s Angels. Their enmity is obvious by their motto which is ADIOS, an acronym for Angels Die in Outlaw State. Each member has an American style motorcycle of particular size and all are allowed to own their own costly bikes. The gang’s leader, Taco Bowman is in prison since 1999 for murders.


9. Sons of Silence

The Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club (SOSMC) has been a widespread bike gang, with its fear spread across Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah etc. This gang was founded in 1968. The logo is an eagle with their motto printed “until death separates us” on the jackets of all the members. During 1999, a number of members of this gang were arrested by FBI due to carrying methamphetamine, guns, and grenades.

Sons of Silence

8. Pagans

The Pagans has confined territory till the Eastern Coast of the US. It has been involved in disreputable activities since 1965 when they got into a brawl with the American Mafia. The members of this gang are active across New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Kentucky etc. They are over 400 in number, and are accused for heavy drug transportation and murders.


7. Mongols

Mongols are headquartered in Southern California. This American gang has been involved in numerous crimes. In 2008, an operation was started against this gang. Its members wear jackets with prints of the Mongol Nation or Mongol Brotherhood on the back, and all members own marvelous heavy-bikes.


6. Hells Angels

The Hells Angels is one of the most notorious American bike gangs ever. The group members drive a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have nicknames like “81” and “Red and White”. Their sign is the death’s head. They are involved in numerous murders.

Hells Angels

5. Vagos

Started in the 1960’s, the Vagos Motorcycle Club is also known as the Green Nation. This gang’s members are recognized for their green jackets and patch of Norse god Loki on a motorcycle. The gang is involved in drug dealing, and disseminating methamphetamine and Marijuana. They have also been scammers of computer.


4. Free Souls

Formed in Oregon, this gang consists of over 100 members, all of which are spread across the state of Oregon including Vancouver. The club is recognized for a special Egyptian mark of blue and white colors. In 2007, police initiated operation against this bike gang and arrested a few of its members.

Free Souls

3. Bandidos

With the motto “We are the people our parents warned us about”, the Bandidos is a notorious gang of Texas. It was established by Don Chambers. FBI considers it to be an “outlaw motorcycle gang”. It has more than two thousand members, and has the network spread in over 20 countries worldwide. They are heavily involved in illegal activities.


2. Highwaymen

The Highwaymen is one of the largest gangs of Detroit. It was formed in 1954 in the city of Detroit, and has network spread across Michigan and other parts of America. Many of its members have been sent to jail for the gang still has more than enough members. Its motto is “Highwaymen Forever, the group members wear jackets with a sign of skeleton.


1. Warlocks

The Warlocks gained popularity as a huge and one of the most ancient bike gangs of America. It was founded in Philadelphia in 1967. It has network spread across Germany, England, China and other parts of the world. The members are involved in drug dealing, human trafficking, and other crimes.


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