Top 10 Most Famous Reality Show Idiots

It is not true that our planet is visited by only intelligent people, there are some idiots as well who willingly or unwillingly make us laugh. We keep on wandering where to find those comedians, but luckily numerous of them can be seen performing on television and in movies. Check the list of top 10 most famous reality show idiots.

Most Famous Reality Show Idiots

10. The Gosselins

The Gosselins are amongst the most famous tv entertainments. This was one of the longest running reality tv shows ever that made everyone feel excited. This has been famous for its young couple, superb performance of the participants, and a lot more reasons.

The Gosselins

9. Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dwayne ‘Dog’ Chapman and his inbred band evolved during 1980s. This band came up with a lot of rocking episodes, but exploited in 2004. It caught the attention of everyone, and every week’s episode was top notch. It is still missed by many of us. Isn’t it?

Dog the Bounty Hunter

8. Nelly

Nelly is an incredible reality tv celeb. He has been a top notch rapper. He diversified into the entertainment industry once he got success from his performance in a reality show. He groomed, no doubt, with the passage of time.


7. The Palins

The Palins is one of the most famous reality tv idiots. This inspired many of us, and comprised a non-stop cavalcade of criminal ignorance in the form of Sarah’s folksy. The Palins took little time to become America’s favorite. Do you love?

The Palins

6. The Kardashians

Who don’t know Kim Kardashian? The Kardashians have long made themselves distinctive in whatever they do. Robert Kardashian was literally O.J. Simpson‘s favorite. Later on, Kim appeared as a diva and long dominated the television world. Now comes the turn of Kim’s sister, let us see what she brings for us.

The Kardashians

5. Donald Trump

The Captain Combover has had been one of the best early reality tv show zombies. Donald Trump rose to fame due to his frank performance and ways of self-promotion. It seems that for Donald, money matter a lot. To earn it, he is always committed more than enough.

Donald Trump

4. Jersey Shore Losers

This ‘show’ was an apparent effort of convincing Americans that New Jersey is the last bastion of the country. It had a diverse cast, and became a popular program in a shorter timeframe. Some of the household names that rose to peaks of success due to this show are Snooki and Mike.

Jersey Shore Losers

3. ‘Celebrity’ Wives

Seeing celebrities in reality shows has always been superb. Whether it is a matter of murderous shopping, onscreen chemistry, fighting for money, or spoiling others’ image just to become prominent, the ‘Celebrity’ Wives is what you must not miss. Here you can see a self-indulgent trophy wife. Around 297,000 of such shows have been broadcasted the world over, according to a report.

‘Celebrity’ Wives

2. The Duggars

Do you remember The Duggars? It has been an incredible piece of entertainment. It has lots of things that could catch your attention in one way or the other. Needless to say that the celeb and makers of the show made handsome money.

The Duggars

1. Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo has stolen the hearts of many of us. From this lady’s performance, we were unable to understand if we are actually into the character. What a well-portrayed character! The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has everything to make you a fan.

Honey Boo Boo

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  1. Lynda March 10, 2017 at 5:10 am - Reply

    Most of this celebrities are really interesting me. I love their acting and I’m their fan too.

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