Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Well we have always made aware from the fact that sports are just made for fun and to arise the impression of competition in your nature. There are so many sports that are played all around the world such as tennis, cricket, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, cycling and many more. But among all such sports there are some kinds of sports that are considered to be dangerous and risky too. Below we will be putting forward with the list of the famous and well known top 10 dangerous sports in the world.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

10. Lacrosse:


In this game you will be finding with some relatively small professional scene as with only eight clubs. It is classified as being a “collision sport” by the NCAA. Every single time at the time of playing this sport so many injuries and even deaths take place because this game become much physical in the middle of the journey.

9. Skating:


In the next we have skating! This sports is divided into two main categories including skating and in-line skating and in both of them the rate of injuries are high. In both of the sets the highest rate of injury occurs in 5-14-year-olds as many of them died as after falling down at a great height. But with the passage of time the skating lovers are getting much high in the world.

7. Skateboarding:


Skateboard injuries totalled 130,627 in 2010 that was high as in teenagers. Maximum hurt them who are in between the 5-14 age group and 56,190 in the 15-24 groups. Both male and female are found to be getting injured in this sports that make it as being one of the dangerous sports in the world.

6. Swimming:


At the next we have the swimming! Swimming has always been taken as healthy for human beings but at the same time it is the reason of so many deaths. There were 202,051 in total in the year 2010 that drown while swimming.

5. Soccer:


Soccer becomes a far more dangerous sport when great numbers of people are involved in it. The total number of injuries for soccer is 226,142 as which is quite high considering in America. There are almost 95,854 deaths in the 5-14 age groups.

4. Baseball/Softball:


Coming up to the next we have baseball or softball! In this sport there are maximum injuries that are based up in the shoulder muscles tearing as from pitching, knee injuries from running and fractured skulls from balls moving at 100mph. There are about 114,004 of the injuries hat are in the 5-14 age groups.

3. Football:


One of the most notorious games for injuring teenagers is football. There are about number of injuries in the 5-14 group that are as massive 240,879 and even there are even 1,644 injuries in the 0-5 group.

2. Basketball:


On the second spot we have the name of basketball! This sports face with some of the daunting injuries! This sport commonly damages the muscles and tissues!

1. Cycling:

At the last and yet at top we have cycling! There is a vast majority of bicycle-related injuries that are in the 5-14 age groups as accompanied with the 206,546 out of the total 541,746. There’s also a frightening level of injury in the 0-4 age group as by means with over 28,000 preschooler visits by to the ER in 2010.

So here we have ended up with the names of some top ten dangerous sports in the world! If your kid loves to play anyone of these sports then make sure that you provide them with the best protective equipments and items.

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