Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the Legends Football League

It is often considered that football is a men’s game but these days the females are not behind. The Legends Football League, which was formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, has been focusing on talent, regardless of the fact that whether the game is joined by males or females. The league was established in 2009 and has seen tremendous growth. Check the collection of top 10 most beautiful women in the legends football league.

Most Beautiful Women in the Legends Football League

10. Liz Gorman – Jacksonville Breeze

Elizabeth Gorman was born in New York. Since her childhood, she has been interesting in playing footballs. This gorgeous and beautiful lady is one of the most successful LFL players. Her 2010 Defensive Player of the Year award made her recognized the world over in no time. She has bagged various awards, and has background in soccer, softball, and basketball.

Liz Gorman

9. Heather Furr – Chicago Bliss

Heather Furr is a magnificent and high profile female. She is known for playing both as an offensive and as a defensive player. Doubtlessly, Heather is one of the best interceptors ever. She is extremely talented, and of course smoky hot. She was LFL’s MVP in 2013, and is known to give wonderful performance.

Heather Furr

8. Christina Deavers – Baltimore Charm

Christina Deavers is an American LFL professional, playing for the Baltimore Charm. She is one of the excellent females everyone loves to watch. She has always been known to give superb performance. No doubt, this lady has the spark and skills that made her reputed all over the world.

Christina Deavers

7. Danielle Jorgenson – Green Bay Chill

If you love watching the Legends Football League, then you know Danielle Jorgenson needs no introduction. Weighing in at 185 lb. this gorgeous 6 foot 3 inch player has been known for her excellent performance. She has contributed to a lot of games throughout her career. She is known to play the defensive end or the tight end positions on the pitch.

Danielle Jorgenson

6. Lindsay Burnham – Omaha Heart

Lindsay Burnham has been a part of the team that appeared in the Omaha Heat’s inaugural season in 2013. She is a beautiful, impressive, and talented female. Lindsay is not only good at beauty but this 145 lb. 5 foot 11 inch player is wonderful as a gamer.

Lindsay Burnham

5. Alexandria Stone – Atlanta Steam

Alexandria Stone is one of the most valuable players of LFL’s Atlanta Steam ever. Thanks to her superb performance and defensive roles that made her a reputable female in no time. She is an outstanding and incredible diva. She looks beautiful to stand out from any crowd in a great way. Alexandra has worked really hard to make herself successful.

Alexandria Stone

4. Adrian Purnell – Jacksonville Breeze

Few women in the LFL have been noticed to defend themselves so gracefully as Adrian Purnell is known to do. She is a lovely and hard working lady. She has contributed greatly to her profession and bagged various honors. She was a cheerleader but gradually became a well versed player. Adrian is known for her hot temper and amazing gaming skills.

Adrian Purnell

3. Christine Moore – Seattle Mist

Christine Moore is one of the most beautiful women in games. She is best known for her matchless athletic skills. Christine Moore has been a player of the Seattle Mist. She used to help her team win lots of championships and games.

Christine Moore

2. Angela Rypien – Seattle Mist

Angela Rypien has been a renowned player of the Seattle Mist in the LFL. She is known for her graceful performance, and accurate throws in the game, making her win numerous titles. Angela is a dedicated female. She is the daughter of Mark Rypien, a 2-time Pro Bowl quarterback, and a Super Bowl MVP. Angela truly has the spark to be named in many such lists.

Angela Rypien

1. Angela Perfetto – Philadelphia Passion

Angela Perfetto is an amazing sportswoman who has long played for the Philadelphia Passion. She is known for her straightaway. This Italian female rose to fame all over the world in just a couple of years. She is dark-haired woman with charming eyes and impressive personality. She used to play wide receiver, offensive lineman and defensive lineman roles.

Angela Perfetto

Who you think is the finest woman in this list?

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