Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Models in 2015

Russian women have been widely famous for their athletic prowess and strength. We feel proud that this country has gifted us a lot of beautiful and graceful women who grabbed the attention of worldwide audience. Check the list of top 10 most beautiful Russian models in 2015.

Most Beautiful Russian Models

10. Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera Kudryavtseva is a beauty with brain. She is a hot and gorgeous Russian actress, dancer, and model. She is also a successful tv anchor. Lera featured in several Russian movies and has well managed her personal and professional lives. She is a smoky dark eye Russian female.

Lera Kudryavtseva

9. Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhova is a girl Russia feels proud of. She is a famous singer, actress, and tv anchor. Anfisa owns graceful personality and glamorous figure. She has been widely famous for her amazing acting skills and appeared in a number of commercials.

Anfisa Chekhova

8. Elizaveta Golovanova

Elizaveta Golovanova is one of the top notch Russian actresses. She is a beautiful woman who began as a model. She is featured with cuteness and natural charm. She modeled for many big companies, and appeared on television as well.

Elizaveta Golovanova

7. Nyusha

Nyusha is another Russian beauty. She is incredibly talented and extremely hot. Her full name is Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina. She is a perfect combination of youth and energy to gain the attention of worldwide people.


6. Zoya Berber

Zoya Berber featured in Maxim magazine. She is one of the hottest and most beautiful Russian women. She is a stunning actress and bold model. She is known for her blond hairs and appealing eyes. Zoya is truly very nice.

Zoya Berber

5. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a professional tennis player. She won 32 singles titles and 5 Grand Slam titles. Maria began her tennis career at the age of 17 back in 2004. Maria has been involved in several modeling jobs as well. She worked for an edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Maria Sharapova

4. Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina is an ultra-hot and beautiful Russian woman. She is a young, talented, and energetic female. She is a model cum television personality who gained international fame.

Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

3. Alina Artz

Alina Artz is an influencing Russian female with deep blue eyes. She is a gorgeous tv host, and fashion model. Alina is widely known for her dark shiny hairs, and glowing eyes. She is full of youth and grace.

Alina Artz

2. Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Natalia Chistyakova Ionova is a traditional Russian beauty. She is a model, actress, and singer. She was born in 1986, and has been admired for her gorgeous hairs and stunning eyes. She is a very captivating and graceful female.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

1. Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova is a cute young lady in our list. She is an accomplished television and theater actress, who commands attention whenever she is on screen. She has brown hairs and deep oceanic eyes. Elena is a remarkable lady, born in Moscow in 1975. She is fluent in English and Russian languages.

Elena Zakharova

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