Top 10 Man Made Wonders In The World

Some of the people do have a notion in mind that world wonders are just nature miracle but that’s not the fact at all! If you give a view around then at the same time some of the wonders are man made as well. Do you want to know about those man made wonders in the world?

Top 10 Man Made Wonders In The World

10. Interstate 70 through the Rocky Mountains:


This roadway was one of the single largest projects ever taken on by the United States Government and to this day stands to a testament to the power and strength of our nation. It appears to be quite simple highway but its construction was far-flung from easy.

9. The Microchip:


The microchip stands out among these small but great wonders for the reason that of what it has completed for our world. Without the microchip our world would be significantly dissimilar.

8. Mount Rushmore:


Mount Rushmore stands out as one of the greatest man made wonders in our history for the reason that of the scale of its creation. In it plenty of monuments have been built from stone then at the same time Mount Rushmore was carved from the side of a mountain.

7. The Coliseum:


It is one of the most iconic structures of the Roman Empire. Our alphabet, laws, and more come directly from the people who built the coliseum.

6. BurjKhalifa:


It is currently the tallest building in the world as the BurjKhalifa soars over the desert landscape of Dubai.

5. The Sphinx:


Sphinx is a stone monument built by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago and still stands to this day. The Sphinx belongs on top of this list for the reason that of the fact that besides the pyramids it is one of the oldest structures as created by humanity to still be standing.

4. Hubble Telescope:


The Hubble telescope served at the same time as our eye into the wider universe in support of over a decade. Its ability to take pictures of far-away planets and other parts of the cosmos gave us a wider understanding of how the universe works.

3. The Pyramids:


In the third spot we have the name of Pyramids that are yet another great creation of man made that are still standing still.

2. International Space Station:


The International Space Station was one step in the direction of that dream. This space station only houses a few people.

1. Great Wall of China:


The Great Wall of China is the single largest manmade structure on the planet today. The Great Wall of China should serve at the same time as a reminder to us all that human race can complete truly great things.
So this is all we have explained with some top 10 best man-made wonders of the world! By giving a view at these wonders you will surely be surprised that half of the Wonders of World are man-made.

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