Top 10 Longest Bridges In America

Do you want to know that which are known out to be the longest bridges in America? No doubt that apart from the America buildings and beauty appearances, its bridges are taken as to be another one of the most attention grabbing features in this place. Here we will be putting forward the list of the famous and yet the top 10 longest bridges in America.

Top 10 Longest Bridges In America

10. General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge:

bridge 10

General W K Wilson Jr Bridge has the two parallel arches of weathered steel that simply carries the Interstate 65 across the Mobile Tensaw River Delta over Mobile, Alabama. The construction was completed in 1978 as with the bridge spanning an impressive length of 6.02 miles.

9. Seven Mile Bridge:

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This bridge finished with the construction in the year 1982 as it was also one of the longest bridges in the world. It often connects Florida to the Knight’s Keys, Middle Keys and Little Duck Keys and is a part of the iconic Overseas Highway in the US. The bridge is 440 sections of concrete that is merely designed in a box girder structure.

8. San Mateo Hayward Bridge:

bridge 8

This is the 7 mile long bridge that crosses over California’s San Francisco Bay as by far connecting the San Francisco Peninsula with the East Bay. It was built in 1967 as it handles approximately 93,000 vehicles per day..

7. Jubilee Parkway:

bridge 7

It is one of the mightiest bridges of US are to be found in Alabama. On March 20th 1995 as one of the largest vehicle collisions in the history of USA took place on this bridge. It involved as almost 200 vehicles just as injuring more than ninety people and one resultant death.

6. Bonnet Carre Spillway:

bridge 6

This bridge was just build up as it was the relief measure just as after the Great Mississippi Flood in the year 1927. This bridge hence allows floodwaters to flow into the Lake Pontchartrain and thence onto the Gulf of Mexico. It is 11 mile long bridge that hence crosses the Interstate 10 and US 61.

5. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel:

bridge 5

This bridge was inaugurated on April 15th 1964. In the same year it was even selected as being the “One of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World”. It is 23 mile long as the bridge links the Delmarva Peninsula’s Eastern shore of Virginia with the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, Virginia.

4. Louisiana Highway:

bridge 4

This is the longest highway in Louisiana and among the top few in America. It is mainly because it runs across the state connecting the various oil and gas near the Grand of Isle with Shreveport. It is best maintained by the Louisiana DOTD as because this massive bridge links all the major intersections of the state. This is hence one of the most important bridges in the country.

3. Atchafalaya Basin Bridge:

bridge 3

This bridge has been known famous as being the fourteenth longest highway in the world. The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest swampland in USA and the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge as it is known as the Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge. Well this basin bridge is actually a pair of parallel bridges just as in between Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

2. Manchac Swamp Bridge:

bridge 2

At the second spot we have the name of Manchac Swamp Bridge! This bridge has some of the similarities between the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge as because they are quite many. This is also a twin concrete structure. They are added up with the length of 22.8 miles as it is also one of the longest bridges in the world. It was inaugurated in 1979 as for the construction the bridge cost $7 million per deep foundation piles. It carries the Interstate 55 over the Manchac Swamp.

1. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway:

bridge 1

It was build in 1956 by the name of Lake Pontchartrain Causeway that was the longest water bridge in the world till China constructed the Jiaozuo Bay Bridge in the year 2011 to beat the record. It is 24 miles long and has earned the new honor of being the longest Bridge over water continuous.

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