Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers In The World

If you want to have a look at the top 10 legendary fashion designers in the world then here you are:

Top 10 Legendary Fashion Designers In The World
10. Donatella Versace (Italy)


Do you know that Versace has been the chief designer and also the Vice President of the Versace Group? Yes it is true! Right after her older brother, Giovanni’s death, she get started her with her first couture right at the Hôtel Ritz Paris.

9. Donna Karan (America)


It is the DKNY clothing labels in 1985. It is their ‘Essentials’ line that actually became quite popular. When she get done with the creation of the DKNY clothing line, she received many of the awards like the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award at the time of 1977, special CFDA awards in 1985.

8. Calvin Klein (America)


He founded the fashion house named as Calvin Klein at the time of 1968. He studied at the High School of Art and Design, he did not graduate but he also received an honorary Doctorate at the time of 2003. He came up with his tight-fitting signature jeans at the time of1974 that grossed $200000.

7. Tom Ford (America)


He is the creative director of Gucci, do you know that he has increased the company’s sale quite by 90%? Yes it is true! He has also launched his own Tom Ford label at the time of 2006.

6. Pierre Cardin (France)


Popular for the unisex fashion designs, he has also come with his own avant-garde style to the world. Just at an early age, he has also worked as a clothier’s apprentice.

5. Ralph Lauren (America)


He is the founder of the multi-million-dollar clothing company named as Ralph Lauren Corporation at the time of 1967. He studied business, he also served the army, he came up with the idea of making European-style necktie.

4. Christian Dior (France)


He has been the founder of the world’s top fashion house. It was during the World War II that he get started with the working in a fashion house, then he founded the Christian Dior fashion house at the time of 1946. His collection Corolle was disapproved by women but later on Dior just fashion revolutionized women’s dresses.

3. Yves Saint Laurent (France)

French legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who popularized pantsuits for women and introduced the daring see-through blouse, announces his retirement from the world of haute couture, Monday Jan. 7, 2002 in Paris. Saint Laurent, 65, said he is closing the haute couture fashion house he started 40 years ago. (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)

He has been credited for introducing the tuxedo among women. He is known for his non-European cultural reference. At the age of 18, he has been enrolled into the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and gained recognition.

2. Giorgio Armani (Italy)

He is the founder of Armani at the time of 1975. He has also the personal fortune of $8.5 billion and he has annual turnover of $1.6 billion
1. Coco Chanel (France)


She has created a casual kind of chic feminine style that has so far revolutionized women dressing sense! She is the founder of the Chanel brand, and her iconic products are like that of ‘The Little Black dress’and also ‘Chanel No. 5’!

This is all about these top 10 legendary fashion designers in the world!

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