Top 10 Hottest Female Djs 2015 In The World

Do you simply love to groove over the DJ mixed music? Well besides being best in music skills it is important that DJ should be attractive and good looking because half of the attention of the crowd is towards the DJ. Coming up we have the names of top famous and 10 hottest DJs in 2015 in the world!

Top 10 Hottest Female Djs 2015 In The World

10. Juicy M:


Marta Martus as also known on stage as Juicy M, is a widely popular electro and progressive house DJ. She is immensely famous in support of her videos on YouTube and mixing multiple CDs without by using headphones. She is hailing from Ukraine.

9. Keli Hart:


She is known as being the Australia’s famous and hottest female DJs. She has beautiful and sensuous features. It draws the attention of millions of people just as towards her while they are grooving on the dance floor.

8. Claudia Cazau:


She was born in Târgoviște, Romania as this Romanian Trance and Tech house has been in the news for her hotness and good looks. She has covered many places all over the world as a part of her touring such asSweden, Italy, Portland, and Vegas.

7. Mari Ferrari:


She is famous as she plays for the highly chic and sophisticated clubs in town. Plus she even stand out in the crowd is skin tone and bold looks. The celebrity DJ is still young.

6. Niki Bellucci:


She is the perfect image of sexuality, vibe, and freedom that makes all her performances stand out.She can also perform very well under pressure.

5. Lisa Kensington:


She is known as being the multi-talented lady who is from New York works as a renowned model and DJ. She has been always appreciated for her unique and elegant style of music. She is known to mix up sexy vocals

4. Tenashar:


She is considered to be one of gorgeous DJs on earth. She belongs to Asia and can give any other female DJ a run for their money. Hence she has an innocent face but at the same time she has the stunning beauty and has a super-hot body.

3. Ane Teri:


She has the superb looks and attractive body as she has undoubtedly made her mark for herself among the hottest female DJs in the world.

2. Tamara Sky:


This DJ has a perfect figure and a beautiful face. She has taken as being the desirable among the best female DJs in the world.

1. Seherezade:


She has been much famous as for her bold and glamorous looks. But she has even worked as the former model who has done plenty of photo shoots for FHM.

So this is all we have ended up about the famous and top 10 hottest DJ in the world in 2015! We are sure that if you will groove your feet at their music then they will 100% groove your mind as well by their stunning looks!

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