Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes in Male Dominated Sports

It is absolutely true that the female athletes aren’t behind the males. It is their ability to perform well and the endless skills that make them famous all over the world. Surprisingly, there are numerous women in male dominated sports such as MMA, weightlifting, and hockey. Here is given the list of top 10 hottest female athletes in male dominated sports.

Hottest Female Athletes in Male Dominated Sports

10. Rachel Wray – MMA

Cheerleading should not be considered as a male dominated sport because this has been joined by numerous skillful female athletes. Rachel Wray is a hot and incredible female. She proved her skills by playing with the big boys when she turned her attention to the MMA. She has in fact defeated many males in this sport and won numerous prizes.

Rachel Wray

9. Skylar Diggins – Basketball

Skylark Digging is a basketball player. She is an adorable athlete and fashion model who has worked with Sport’s Illustrated edition. She secured third position in the 2013 WNBA draft. Other than this, Skylar, in 2014, got second position in the league in scoring, and had won the 2014 WNBA Most Improved Player Award.

Skylar Diggins

8. Hilary Knight – Ice Hockey

When it comes for us to think of hockey, there are numerous males that come to our mind. Besides this factor, Hilary Knight like females proved that she is not behind the race. She was fond of playing hockey since her childhood. Professionally, she started the game with the Wisconsin Badgers women’s ice hockey team. In her first year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Knight was able to get second position the NCAA championships.

Hilary Knight

7. Michelle Waterson – MMA

Michelle Waterson is another MMA female. She started her career as a model after completing her high school studies. Later on, she proved her skills as a top notch MMA fighter. Michelle is Thai descent. She was only of 10 when she started practicing karate, and she is a black belt holder. She participated in multiple wrestling and boxing tournaments during her career.

Michelle Waterson

6. Anna Rawson – Golf

Anna Rawson is probably one of the most beautiful females. Isn’t it? Of no surprise, she made her name as a golfer. Anna has won various amateur competitions during her career. She is a member of the Australian National Squad. During 2004, she went pro. She secured third position in the Ladies European Tour in 2005.

Anna Rawson

5. Gina Carano – MMA

Gina Carano is no longer in MMA, but she is a true and incredible beauty to must talk about. On the American Gladiators, she was given the name of Crush. Gina has done several movies such as Ring Girls, Fight Girls, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, In The Blood, and several others. Do you know Gina is also there in Fast and Furious 6? Well, this good looking female made herself famous in multiple fields.

Gina Carano

4. Antonija Misura – Basketball

Antonija Misura has always been known to constantly attract media attention. She has top notch looks and honestly speaking, she looks like a gorgeous supermodel. She has been a talented and successful basketball player. Misura continued to decline many modeling contracts because she was more interesting on sports.

Antonija Misura

3. Julia Rohde – Weightlifting

Whenever we think of weightlifters, chances are there would come a lot of dude bro names in our mind. Looking at Julia Rohde would make us realize that she is not at all behind any male. She is a hot and sparkling female weightlifter. Being a German weightlifter, Julia competed in the 2012 Olympics, and represented her country. She is seriously very hot. What do you think?

Julia Rohde

2. Hope Solo – Soccer

Hope Solo is one of the most desirable women. She is a talented American soccer. She is the winner of the gold in 2008 and again in 2012. She has won numerous awards and honors during her career. It is very unfortunate that due to her personal lifestyle, she couldn’t continue as a soccer player for long. She is married to NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens.

Hope Solo

1. Alex Morgan – Soccer

Alex Morgan is doubtlessly a proud soccer player. She started playing soccer at the age of 14. She was named the NSCAA All-American while in high school. She is one of the youngest players of the U.S team in the FIFA World Cup. Alex is also credited for helping American win the gold in the 2012 summer Olympics.

Alex Morgan

These have been incredible females with global recognition. Who is the best according to you?


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