Top 10 Handsome Vampires In The World

If you want to have a look at the top 10 handsome vampires in the world then you are at the right place.

Top 10 Handsome Vampires In The World

10. Lestat


We saw him in the “Interview With the Vampire”, this role was played by Tom Cruise. He was an arrogant vampire who actually changed a little girl into a kind of vicious killing machine. He had this role of giving quite little regard for other people.

9. Angel

We saw him in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, he was a kind of vampire along with a soul. Hr was a feared killer who was cursed by gypsies, he all the time felt miserable for eternity. This role was played by David Boreanaz. This vampire was a fashion innovator too and used to wear long black coat.

8. Edward Cullen

We saw this dashing vampire in the “Twilight”, he seems attractive to bunch of people.. He got that big lips, he had that heavy eyebrows along with the fluffy hair . He looked quite and much teenage in that movie.

7. Damon Salvatore

Yes, he has been a vampire since the time of 1864, he lives in a small town named as Mystic Falls. He all the time fight over girls and that too with his brother Stefan. He is a kind of self-declared bad boy.

6. Spike

He got that bleached blond hair, he has that fake English accent and also got that load of and bunch of attitude.

5. Deacon Frost

We saw him in the 1998 movie named as “Blade”, he liked to keep on killing people and also living with them forever. He used to be a white-haired middle-aged kind of man, he got that glowing red eyes.

4. Bill Compton

He was a kind of vampire who was actually much and more concerned with love rather then killing people! Yes, we saw him from the world of “True Blood”. He lived peacefully among all of the humans. He too had darker moments in his life.

3. David

We saw him in the movie “Lost Boys”, he normally kill at night, he has been one of those few vampires who had fun while writing poetry. He got that bleached blonde mullet and used to wear a leather jacket.

2. Louis

This role was played by Brad Pitt, he got that miserable eating rats! Do you want to hang out with this vampire? Brad Pitt looked quite uncomfortable while getting done with the makeup to have this vampire look.

1. Dracula

He got that slicked back hair and also possessed that hypnotic kind of power. He can be called as a classically handsome vampire, he got that handsome wrinkles and also a beehive hairstyle.


Do also have a loon at the pictures of these top 10 handsome vampires in the world. If we will be getting in hand more pictures of some of the handsome vampires then we will be sharing those pictures with you too so stay tuned with us.

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