Top 10 Friendly Dogs In The World

If you have been looking for the top 10 friendly dogs in the world then just check out these details, here we will be telling you about those top 10 dogs that can actually become your best friends:

Top 10 Friendly Dogs In The World

10. The Bull Dog


We have seen that the Bull Dog is quite sturdy, it can be easily managed by kids who are just new to dogs. They are very friendly and they are also loyal towards adults and also to children alike. They are quite loving towards humans.

9. The Beagle


They are just original kept for hunting purposes, they are very active. They are the perfect companion for you. They are just smart and also happy dogs but they do require massive brushing and also bathing.

8. The Bull Terrier


They are quitefriendly towards children and also to adults. They have an extremely high threshold for the pain, they are just loving and kind and pretty much are a kind of perfect family dog.

7. The Collie


They are very predictable and they are also loving! They will hardly ever bite you, they can be trained easily. They are quite loyal and they can do anything just to please their owners. They quite love towards children.

6. The Newfoundland


It is also named as the protector of nature. They are quite friendly towards your kids, they are also very protective of them. They are very patient and they have also been marked as the perfect combo as a family dog.

5. The Vizsla


They have been the best companions for your kids. They are quite gentle, they are also quiet and affectionate. They can be easily trainable and they are very obedient. They have an indicator of intelligence that bonds with people very and quite easily.

4. Irish Setter


They just love to be around somepeople. They are quite playful and they are known for their red coat. They are perfect playmate for your kids, they are easily trainable without any professional help. Yes, they are really and quite smart.

3. The Poodle


They are quite sweet and also a gentle dog. Yes they require a lot of grooming, they look quite proud and they are also elegant because of their beautiful nature and they also have a lot of patience.

2. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular breeds when it comes to the loving and playful dogs. They are reliable dogs, really beautiful and they are also intelligent.

1. The Golden Retriever


The golden retriever is quite confident and loyal dog. They are just between timid and also aggressive trait dogs. They don’t cross the boundaries, they know how to handle kids, they have patience. They also needs a lot of exercise so that they can become perfect for playing with you.
Yes, you can for sure keep any one of these top 10 friendly dogs in the world, do share your comments with us also that how much you like these dogs!

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