Top 10 Most Famous Singers in 2017

Singers have been known for their beautiful personalities, attractive voice and hot personality. I must say these persons are not behind the race of becoming famous than any Hollywood celebrity. In fact, their role to make a movie or band familiar is must as they offer various playback songs. Let us check out the list of top 10 most famous singers in 2017.

10. Drake

Most Famous Singers

Druke is one of the most famous and greatest Candian singers. He is young, hard working and extremely talented. He has received worldwide fame due to hims awesome singing skills, and has collaborated with Minaj in the music industry.

9. Maklemore

Most Famous Singers

Makemore is a fantastic male singer of the era. His true vocal control is what has made him a developed singer. He has been one of the most prominent singers, one of this famous hits is “Thrift Shop”. He earns huge incomes from his songs and works hard to be an amazing performer.

8. Pitbull

Most Famous Singers

Pitbull is famous as Mr. Worldwide. He is a superb and extremely talented rapper/singer nowdays. He has numerous fans on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. He has collaborated with some famous personalities like Akon, Shakira, Kesha, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Nayer and many others.

7. Chris Brown

Most Famous Singers

Chris Brown is an exceptional singer and dancer. He has achieved fame and millions of followers online due to his amazing singing skills. He is an award-winning personality, who received awards like Grammy Award in 2011 and Platinum Award for album “Kiss Kiss”.

6. Bruno Mars

Most Famous Singers

Bruno Mars is an adorable and highly impressive singer. He is a multitalented individual, and works as a dancer, producer, songwriter, and music director. This is all what make him a recognized person and famous singer of today.

5. Lady Gaga

Most Famous Singers

Lady Gaga has been a talented and controversial artist of the music industry. She is not only a successful singer but also one of the richest singers of the era. She has had been an inspiration and an iconic beauty in the American music industry. She is stylish and extremely hot.

4. Snoop Dogg

Most Famous Singers

Born in 1971 in California, Snoop Dogg has a fortune around $150 million. He is one of the most energetic singers in the music industry. He is famous for his songwriting, singing and dancing skills, by the whole he is a multitalented guy.

3. David Guetta

Most Famous Singers

David Guetta is famous and one of the top music producers of France. He started his career in 2009 and has progressed a lot to become a famous personality. David is being followed by numerous of his fans on Twitter and is highly liked by his Facebook fans.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Most Famous Singers

Jennifer Lopez is a famous American dancer, fashion designer, actress, singer and record producer. She is a multitalented female and works really hard to raise her graph of success. She is one of the most inspirational females of USA. She had also worked with American Idol as a judge.

1. Jordan Bratton

Most Famous Singers

Jordan Bratton is a great artist and adorable singer. He has had been a tough competitor of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. He is known for his impressive voice, and one of his big hits is “They Grey Area”.

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