Top 10 Famous Japanese Actresses in 2016

Best known for the rich culture and loving populace that its offers its visitors, Japan is also home to talented actresses, most of whom have gained critical acclaim globally. The 10 famous Japanese actresses reviewed herein, for instance, are lovable. They are also super talented; have appeared in several movies and television productions; and currently rank among the most influential women in Japan and the larger Asia in general. Here is an analysis of their credentials and achievements:

Fumi Nikaido - A famous japanese actress.

Fumi Nikaido – A famous japanese actress.

10. Eriko Hatsune

Born in Tokyo Japan on March 24 1982, Eriko Hatsune is a talented 33-year-old Japanese actress who first broke into the limelight in 1998. She is beautiful, an influential media personality, and by far one of the most popular and look up to celebrities in Japan. Since her professional debut, Eriko Hatsune has featured in several television commercials. She has also won lead roles in films and blockbuster movies such as The Emperor and enjoyed and successful international career since her professional debut in 2012.

Eriko Hatsune

9. Rila Fukushima

A native of Kyushu, Japan, Rila Fukushima is a popular Japanese model and actress who broke into the limelight with her first big role in the Movie Wolverine. She is experienced; has stellar modelling and acting skills; and has gained international acclaim for her ability to portray several characters in front of the camera. As a model, Rila Fukushima has worked for many reputable brands including Dolce and Gabbana. She has also appeared in musical videos for popular artists such as Ben Taylor and Lenny Kravitz. In 2015, Rila Fukushima featured as a Red Priestess in Volantis in the fifth series of the multi-award winning HBO television series, Game of Thrones.

Rila Fukushima

8. Keiko Kitagawa

Born on August 22, 1986, Keiko Kitagawa is a popular 29-year-old native of Kobe Japan, with a lot of experience under her belt. She is beautiful, globally recognized, and has enjoyed a successful modelling and acting career since her debut as a professional several years ago. Between 2003 and 2006, for instance, Keiko Kitagawa worked as an exclusive model for the renowned Japanese Seventeen magazine. In 2004, she quit her modelling career to concentrate on acting, a decision that she has never regretted to date. Her good looks and acting skills has won her lead roles in several grossing movies and earned her the international success she enjoys to date.

Keiko Kitagawa

7. Tao Okamoto

Known professionally as Tao, Tao Okamoto is a 30-year-old model and actress from Chiba Japan. She is beautiful, well rounded, and popular within and outside Japan for the numerous achievements that she has raked as a model and actress. As a model, for instance, Tao Okamoto has pose for popular brands such as D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Productivity, and Ralph Lauren to name a few. She has also featured in popular movies (The Wolverine (2013)) and attracted millions of loyal fans globally for her crowd-pleasing fashion sense.

Tao Okamoto

6. Maria Ozawa

A popular Japanese model, actress, and former AV Idol, Maria Ozawa is a popular native of Hokkaido Japan. She is 29 years old, an alumnus of the Christian Academy in Japan, and a reputable professional who first came into the limelight aged just 16 years old. As a professional, Maria Ozawa has featured in Japanese television commercials including the 30-second DARS Chocolate promo that won critical acclaim in Japan and beyond. She has also featured in adult videos, V-Cinema films, and popular Japanese dramas.

Maria Ozawa

5. Koyuki Kato

Having acted alongside renowned international actors such as Tom Cruise (The Last Samurai), Koyuki Kato, popularly known as Koyuki is an experienced actress with a charming and lovable character. This native of Zama Japan is 38 years old, married to fellow actor Kenichi Matsuyama, and has enjoyed a successful modelling career over the years, mainly because of her immense beauty and well-toned body. Notable movies that people know Koyuki Kato for include Pulse (2001), The Last Vampire 9209), and Blood (2012).

Koyuki Kato

4. Haruka Ayase

Talking about the most famous Japanese actresses in 2016, Haruka Ayase is a reputable 30-year-old who doubles as a singer. She is 5’5’’, hails from Hiroshima Japan, and has won several awards and nominations for awards for her significant contribution in the global entertainment industry. In 2006, for instance, she won an Academy Awards for the Best Supporting Actress in the movie Socrates of Love. She has also won Japanese Awards, a Nikkan Sports Drama Award for best supporting actress, and a nomination for the Japan Academy Prize for outstanding performance by an actress in a leading role.

Haruka Ayase

3. Youki Kudoh

After her appearance in the Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch in 1989, Youki Kudoh has grown to become one of the most popular Japanese actresses because of her versatile acting skills. She is 44 years old, a native of Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan, and is an influential personality in Japan and beyond. For her stellar acting skills, Youki Kudoh won the best newcomer Award at the 6th Yokohama Film Festival. She has also won a Hochi film Award, Independent Spirt Award, a Satellite Award, and Japan Academy Price to name a few.

Youki Kudoh

2. Fumi Nikaido

Born on September 21, 1994, Fumi Nikaido is a 21-year old fashion model and actress from Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. She is beautiful, an alumnus of Keio University, and one of the most popular and look up to television personalities at her young age. Over the years, Fumi Nakaido has won lead roles in popular movies. She has also won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best actress, Japan’s Academy Award for newcomer of the year, and several nominations for awards. Fumi Nakaido has also modeled for reputable brands.

Fumi Nikaido

1. Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi is a 34-year-old native of Hadano, Japan who has enjoyed international success after breaking into the limelight in 2006 in Babel. In 2013, for instance, she outperformed her competition to win lead roles in Pacific Rim and 47 Ronin, cementing her place among the best of the best in this niche as a result. As most famous Japanese actresses, Rinko Kikuchi Has won several Awards and nominations for Awards including the coveted Academy Award.

Rinko Kikuchi

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