Top 10 Expensive Android Apps In The World

Sometimes people do favor downloading the android applications that are paid-less and free in installation. But at the same time some people do have the passion of downloading the apps that are expensive and costly so that it can make their image as rich and wealthy too.

Top 10 Expensive Android Apps In The World

10. Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound:


This andorid application is accessible at the cost of $69.99. This application has been all added with the guide that is related with the body systems evaluated all the way through ultrasound. This exceptional application is enriched with the coverage of 443 images. For making the usage of this application you must have the fastest access of the internet.

9. G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea:


This application has the cost of around $89.99. It is quite a lot taken as attention grabbing as it comes with the full featured GPS driving range Finder in the company of graphical read. It will give the users with the ten golf courses that belong to the different areas just by the way of keeping with their preference.

8. 5-Minute Sports Medicine:


This best android application has the cost of about $94.00. It is just designed in favor of the medicine professionals that simply give away the to-the-point steerage on the diagnosing and management of sports-related medical issues.

7. Mobile Accessibility U.S.:


In the next we have Mobile Accessibility U.S. that is accessible at the cost of $99.00. This application is added with wide range of other applications inside it in which we have the placement of SMS, Alarm, Email, Web, Calendar, Where am I, Phone, Contacts, Apps and Settings. It is even perfect designed for the users who aere blind and visually impaired.

6. Destinator 9 — Western Europe:


This is taken as being one of the best android applications and even expensive too whose cost is about $99.99. It is ideal as it is best in delivering with the reliable and strong voice radio-controlled navigation with some of the interesting options including with integrated weather, TapNGo, StickyPOI as well as on-line search power-driven by Google and so on.

5. 100 Dollar App:


100 Dollar App is the 5th expensive android application whose cost is about $111.05. This application is taken as the non-functioning application that is discussing just te user’s wealth and standing. At the time of getting this application you will be finding the icon on the screen that will let other people know that you are rich.

4. I’m Rich!!


This android application is quite interesting but at the same time expensive too. By making the use of this application you will be getting a white diamond image on the screen in the company of ‘I’m Rich’. It is accessible at the cost of about $122.

3. MobileNavigator GPS:


This android mobile application is placed up at the cost of $126.58. It is simply added with some of the incredible options inside like Google native Search, Google Street read, live traffic reports, Speed Assistant and so. This application is ideal for the travellers.

2. PcMapper dB:


You will be able to get this application at the cost of $149.00. This application will assist you to make the complete writing of ESRI® shapefiles on top of your Android good device. At the same time you will be getting the chance to even import and export of ESRI® shapefiles and dBase tables and even do heaps a lot of things.

1. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn and Plus:


In the last but at the top we have Vuvuzela World Cup Horn and Plus. If you want to make the use of this application you have to shake your phone and your horn begins to blast. It is accessible at the cost of $200.
So these have been some top and most expensive android applications in 2015! Did you find all of them interesting? If yes then download them now!

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