Top 10 Dangerous Vocations In The World

Let us all check out the top 10 dangerous vocations in the world:

Top 10 Dangerous Vocations In The World

10. Roofer


We know that the job of a roofer is quite simple, he has to construct and maintain roofs. But it is other fact that this construction is a kind of an area that yields actually some of the highest rates of accidents and also injuries.

9. Trucker


We all know that it is these truckers who are the dudes which are responsible with the hauling all kinds of cargo. But they are also those people who become the victim of road-accidents.

8. Mining

We know that it is this mining industry that still employs large amount of people but this profession is some way dangerous. If you will be digging extensive kinds of underground tunnels and if you will be extracting the content of those planets then it will lead some problems for you!

7. Coast Guard

They are so far the unsung heroes of all the emergency services. We have seen that their expert training and also tip-top fitness and also required elementary conditioning makes this service quite tough.

6. Pilot

Aeromechanics becomes more prone to these frequent accidents, they just constantly and all the time been circling the globe and they do not have this single idea that whether their lives will be safe or not while opting for this vocation.

5. Fire-fighting

It is a fact that this profession of ‘fire-fighting’ has been quite a dangerous one, it is one of the ultimate of its kind of ‘macho vocations’; it is these fire-fighters who just enjoy having this reputation to be called as one of those guys who can well carry on any kind of intense training.

4. Logging

We have this manly-man vocation, it is this job that comes at a masculine merit. It is a fact that on an average of about 80 loggers dies every year, they die either at work or they die due to injuries that have been implemented at work. They face dangers like that of felling huge trees, unpredictable environments.

3. Military

It is one of the most ancient professions, it is the heart of most communities. It has three separate areas and they are namely Army and Air Force and Navy. This job just involves direct combat with some unfamiliar aggressor, they are all the time ready to face death.

2. Law Enforcement

They are all the time at the monumental task of facing domestic threat. They work at petty operations of dealing with low-level thieves, they deal with too well organised criminal empires.

1. Commercial Fishing


We have also seen that the vocation of commercial fishing has been called to claim more lives as compared to any other profession. This job demands unharnessed kind of power and force. We have viewed that commercial fishing has all the time been a dangerous game. It is estimated that 39,000 commercial fishing workers died at work in 2008 in USA.
So, these are the top 10 dangerous vocations in the world!

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