Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

There are a variety of cultures around this world. Each of them have certain characteristics that make the people who live there unique among other areas, even nearby areas may have cultural and genetic differences. There are areas that have more wealth, more poverty, more population, and even better looks. Both men and women from some areas may stand out among other countries as the most handsome or beautiful. Below, you will find an example of where the most beautiful women are located, just in case you were hoping to plan a vacation in the near future. Here are the top 10 countries with the most beautiful girls in the world 2015.

Most Beautiful Girls in the World

10. The United Kingdom

Women from this culture are very educated. Their look and style is very diverse and many British women now take center stage when it comes to models and other celebrities. Part of it could be their accents, but for the most part, it is purely their looks and their sense of fashion.

Miss - The United Kingdom

9. Brazil

The Brazilian lady often looks sporty and they tend to have very attractive bodies. It is a country that has a very diverse look in their women. Dark skinned ladies and pale colored blonds are both easily available and very appealing.

Miss - Brazil

8. The United States of America

Women from this country know how to take care of themselves and maintain a youthful appearance right on up until they are older ladies. Especially if you happen to visit some of the major cities such as Miami, New York, or Los Angeles. Their looks and their style is as diverse as the area they live in.

Miss - The United States of America

7. Italy

Italy is an area that people think of when they think romance. Is it any wonder that the women you will find there are also beautiful? Most of them have brown eyes, but they are either dark or light haired ladies. They love dressing up and showing off their confidence.

Miss - Italy

6. Russia

Tall, slender, blond haired, blue eyed beauty is what you will discover when you visit Russia. Most of the ladies here have high cheekbones and figures that will make you weak in the knees. It is all due to the mixture of western and eastern genetics. Beware though, these ladies are very confident in themselves and educated.

Miss Russia

5. Colombia

Colombian women and Venezuelan women are similar. The Colombian woman is naturally tanned with black hair and darkly colored eyes. They are family oriented and easy to get along with because they care so deeply. They are also extremely honest women. If you have a fear of being hurt, these are the last ladies who may hurt you.

Miss - Colombia

4. Canada

This area where many different cultures come together seems to have a lot of good genes. The women who are born and raised here are highly educated and independent. They take care of themselves and strive to always look their best. You are also likely to find your match when it comes to athletics when you search out a beauty from Canada.

Miss  Canada

3. Sweden

If you like tall and skinny, blond haired blue eyed ladies, then Sweden is the place to be. As an added bonus, these beauties are often very sweet natured and easy to get along with. They appeal to many men all over the world.

Miss - Sweden

2. Venezuela

This is one country that does seem to have a lot of outstanding beauty. There are a lot of Miss Universe and Miss World winners who first call this their home town. Perhaps it is mostly due to their very long, lean bodies or it could be the fact that their faces are just that appealing.

Miss - Venezuela

1. Philippines

The Philippines have women who are extremely family oriented and sweet according to most people. This also is further enhanced by the fact that there are a lot of men who seek out their soul mate here. The women they meet are beautiful, both inside and out. Perhaps this is why there are so many dating websites dedicated to the Filipina woman and man.

Miss - Philippines

Beauty is found all over this amazing world that we all share. Where you find it is luck of the draw. However, by visiting any of these areas you are increasing your chance of finding a woman who will take your breath away by simply taking in the view of her beauty.

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  1. First Crusader September 7, 2015 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Good list but Phillipines #1? Their women look alike, cookie-cutter Oriental not the most attractive – not even top ten. This site was likely made by an Oriental. The Phillipines photo is a joke, she has her eyes done Western style – ashamed of being Oriental? This is not what most Phillipine women look like.
    And Columbian women sweet and don’t want to hurt you, family oriented? Stop smoking that stuff!!!

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