Top 10 Countries With The Best Food In 2018

If you are planning up your mind for the World Tour then the first question that comes in the mind is about the food material of that particular country place. Finding the best and delicious food is the everlasting wish of every single person and this is the main reason that if they have to visit any country for tour then they first consider whether that country provide the best food or not! Start from this point, we will share you a list of top 10 countries with the best food in 2018 for your review.

List of Top 10 Countries With The Best Food:

List of countries with the best food.

List of countries with the best food.

1. Italy:

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With each single year Italy is becoming one of the top countries who provide the best food. You cant refuse their food quality. In the food items you will going to fall in love with their pasta and pizza. So many people until now have migrated to Italy just because of their food quality. Italy even provide with so many other types of cuisines as well such as from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, African Countries and much more.

2. Mexico:

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Mexico food make you accessible with anything in their food which you want such as spice and sour plus sweet taste as well. They add very common ingredients.

3. India:

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In India mostly sweet and spicy food items are accessible. Some of their most famous food items are Pavbhaji, Panjabi, Dhosa, Pani-puri, Idli and Rasgulla. You can just get the best vegetarian food items in India only.

4. China:

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The best thing about the China food menu is that you can find all varieties of dishes in their menu. Beginning from the sweet dishes to the spicy dishes all items are added in their menu book. In the China the most popular dishes are duck, pig blood, pig ears, pig intestines, beef with noodles and soup.

5. Japan:

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In Japan ever-popular sushi, teriyaki, tempura, and miso soup all belong to Japanese cuisine. They even add up their dishes with the healthy stuff of fruits and vegetables for balancing the dish. No doubt that they have the tastiest food items on this planet until now.

6. France:

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France food items are famous known because of their versatility. You can catch everything starting from the savory fish and chicken dishes to delectable beef stews to the most amazing bonbons.

7. United States:

best food 7

At the seventh spot we have the name of United States! United Stated provide you with their American food that is hamburgers and hotdogs plus they even have hot wings and philly cheese steaks. You can even try with the Cajun foods such as gumbo, or try some amazing seafood dishes in New England.

8. Thailand:

best food 8

Thai food is considered to be one of the best foods in the world. They are famous known for their taste and smell. You can compare no other food with Thailand food items They have the taste and uniqueness.

9. Spain:

best food 9

Coming up to the next we have Spain! Spain mostly deals with the English based food items. They make the use of Spanish tortilla, paella, ham, olive oil: healthy and tasty food items.

10. England:

best food 10

At the last we have England! In the England you can mostly check out with the Roast dinner, sherperds pie as well as fish and chips, pork pie, toad in the hole alongside with bangers and mash, cornish pasties, jam roly poly, rhubarb crumble, apple eves pudding, key lime pie, victoria sponge, scones, bakewell tart, banofee pie, custard, wagon wheels and much more.

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