Top 10 Countries Popular With Highest Rate Of Robberies

In most of the countries, we see that robberies are quite common, people living over there in those countries consider theirselves quite and rather unsafe. It is the need of the hour that government of these countries need to take serious steps! Here we have listed the top 10 countries popular with highest rate of robberies, check out their names and you will be quite surprised to know that most of the names are of developed countries:

Top 10 Countries Popular With Highest Rate Of Robberies
10. USA


America has the highest crime rates so far in this world, we have seen that Detroit has been marked as one of the most violent places, we saw Armed robberies and theft of valuables that have been taking place on the roads and subways.

9. Uruguay


It has been to declared high that the robbery rate in this country is also quite high, guns are readily available over here, you will too see that smash and grab robberies are quite frequent, people see the home invasion robberies, people are targeted by burglars.

8. Ecuador


Ecuador, also named as Republic of Equator, we have seen that now its crimes have been converting from non violent to violent crimes. We have been seeing armed robberies, aggressive crimes and it is mainly because of the lack of political will that such kinds of incidents happen.

7. Belgium


We saw serious situations, aggravated robberies,robberies that have been taking place on roads, taking place on the subways and train stations.

6. South Africa


This country, South Africa is violent. We saw home invasion that also result in serious damage occurs in this country. It is one of the top 10 countries popular with highest rate of robberies and government need to take notice of it.

5. Costa Rica


It has been according to 2015 crime report that we have been seeing highest theft and robbery in Costa Rica. They use different tactics that includes armed robberies, petty theft, robberies on roads.

4. Mexico


Mexico is notorious for drug trafficking and it is known for human smuggling, it is famous for armed robbery, for kidnapping, smuggling , the situation is critical in Mexico and Mexican government needs to do something.

3. Dominican Republic


Do you know that the crime rate of Dominican Republic is 67.72 according to 2015 report. They rob people on road by using arms and weapons.

2. Argentina


We have seen that Argentina is the eighth largest country, it shares its border with Chile, it is the seventh wealthiest country but it has the highest crime rate too. We see bunch of armed robberies, street crimes, victims of robberies, robberies with the help of dangerous weapons.

1. Chile


It is the 38th largest country, it has 62nd largest population, though it is one of the stable economies in the world but this country has also been listed as one of those countries that have highest robbery rate.
So these are the top 10 countries popular with highest rate of robberies, all th governments of these mentioned countries should now join hands to remove this evil from their countries.

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