Top 10 Coldest Places In The World

Have you ever thought about visiting the coldest places on the world? Well if not then just take your blankets along with you because we are taking you on the ride of top 10 coldest places in the world! Get ready!

Top 10 Coldest Places In The World

10. Rogers Pass, Montana, USA:


It is just located 5,610m  above sea level on the Continental Divide in Montana. Its average temperature in January still fluctuates between 14 and 33F. Plus the summer months are fairly hot as with a high of 82 in July. So, overall the average mean temperature for the year is 43.5F.

9. Stanley, Idaho, USA:


This Idaho city has a population of just 63. The record low is -54F in December, and the average lows every January hit the -1F level as only getting up to 18F on a warm day. Bu a he same time the summers are warmer with highs of up to 78.5F in July. There was even a record high of 98F.

8. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA:


The lowest temperature ever in the US was recorded there as just beating Rogers Pass by 10 degrees with a -80F recorded in January 1971. It has been raising the overall annual average to 24.4.

7. Snag, Yukon, Canada:


7th spot honor goes to the village of Snag in Canada s where a temperature of -81F was recorded on February 3rd 1947. When that was recorded, there were between 8 and 10 people living in Snag and they were a combination of natives and fur traders. The average annual temperature in Snag nowadays is a high of 34.3F and a low of 10.3F as by making a mean average of 22.3F.

6. Oymyakon, Russia:


Oymyakon has a record low of -90F, which is the lowest recorded temperature in support of any permanently inhabited location on Earth. Even the average for January is still a terrifying -51.5F.

5. Eureka, Canada:


This place has an annual average temperature of -1.8F. It is even been described as “The Garden Spot of the Arctic” as with wildlife such as oxen, foxes and wolves roaming around.

4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:


This place is quite high up as being 1,310m above sea level, and home to 1,278,000 people. Across the year, the average temperature is around -2.4F and the climate is like a subarctic on.

3. Eismitte, Greenland:


This place took temperature readings of between -85F and 27F. This makes this place as the 3rd coldest places in the world.

2. North Ice, Greenland:


This is the place as where they successfully recorded the lowest temperature in North America as by far beating Snag’s record by 6 degrees. An astounding -87F was recorded at North Ice on January 9th 1954.

1. Vostok, Antarctica:


Vostok is a Russian weather monitoring station which holds the record for the lowest ever recorded temperature on Earth – minus 128.6F, on 21st July 1983. It is also 3,488m above sea level which means there’s a distinct lack of oxygen and there’s almost no moisture either.
We hope that by the way of this post you must have got the enough information about the places that are taken as coldest on the planet! Are you ready to visit these places?

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