Top 10 Celebrities Who Suffered From Aids

Just have a look at the top 10 celebrities who suffered from Aids?

Top 10 Celebrities Who Suffered From Aids
10. Ricky Wilson


He had born at the time of 19th march 1953 and then he died on 12th October 1985. He has been an American musician, his popular band was named as B52. His illness was observed at the time of 1983, he kept on fighting for 2 years but died at an age of 32.

9. Gia Carangi


She had born at the time of 29th January 1960 and then she died on 18th November 1986. She has been an America based model, she represented top most brands like that of Giorgio Armani and also Levi, Maybelline. She died at the age of 26.

8. Pedro Pablo Zamora


He was born at the time of 29th February 1972 and then he died on 11th November 1994. He has been the first open gay men, he appeared on MTV’s ‘The Real World: San Fransisco’. He died right after the final episode of the reality show at an age of 44.

7. Rock Hudson


He was born on 17th November 1925. He has been the top actor, his cause of AIDS was just because of the affected transfused blood which he took during his heart bypass operation.

6. Brad Davis


He has been the American actor, born on 6th November 1949, he has done these films like that of Midnight Express. He also published an autobiography, he also consumed narcotic drugs. He died at the time of 8th September 1991 just in front of his family.

5. Timothy Patrick Murphy


He has been an American actor, born at the time of 3rd November 1959. Do you know that just at the age of 29, he then died from AIDS? Yes, it is true! He has been linked with Brad Davis who has also been a bisexual and he also died from AIDS.

4. Eazy-E


He has been a popular rapper. He has also been named as “The Godfather of Gangsta Rap”, born on 7th September 1963; we saw that he died on 26th march 1995 just at his 31years of age. He has diagnosed with AIDS and right after 2months of his diagnosis, he died!

3. Keith Haring


He was born at the time of 4th may 1958 and then he died on 16th February 1990. He has been artist known for his ‘Crack is wack’ work. This disease just pushed him to work more and also to make a mark.

2. Arthur Ash


He has been the professional Tennis player in America, born on 10th July 1943, he used to teach people about safe sex to common people. At the time of 1998 September, he was diagnosed with HIV virus in his blood.

1. Magic Johnson


He has been a professional basketball player, he was born on 14th august 1959. When he came to know about his disease, he then founded Magic Johnson Foundation which is used to eradicate AIDS.

These are the top 10 celebrities who suffered from Aids!

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