Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas From 2014-2015

It is a fact that our Pakistani drama industry line has been making huge progress and success day by day, each and every year, we do come across some best kinds of serials, superb story lines! Here you will be able to check out the top 10 best Pakistani dramas from 2014-2015, if you have not watched these best Pakistani dramas from 2014-2015 then it is high time to watch them right now:

Top 10 Best Pakistani Dramas From 2014-2015
10. Bhool


It was aired on HUM tv, this serial had the cast of Behroz Sabswari, Sara Khan. It was directed by Asad Malik and it was written by Syed Wasi Shah, this story actually has a balanced mixture of love and hatred, politics and family drama. It shows that how political affiliations go on to affect personal lives too!

9. Babul ki Duaen ( ARY )


This serial showed the love between siblings especially sisterly love, this serial shows the life of a man who has five daughters and then the story revolves around their lives of these girls when they have to depart their father’s paradise and they have to go into different families after their marriage.

8. Mere Meharban ( HUM TV )


The main story of this serial that that how difference of economic statuses among the families can cause grievances without considering their truthfulness. It too shows that being poor doesn’t at all mean that you have to sacrifice your self-respect.

7. Izteraab ( HUM TV )


Saba Qamar, Saba Hameed and Meekal Zulfiaqar were there in this serial! It is viewed that second marriages are one of the most common kinds of affairs that have been discussed in our serials but this serial had a new story and it bring stepmother as a positive addition to family is a certainly.

6. Mausam (HUM TV)


It was this romantic drama serial, this serial shows that how love can turn into hatred and how it can create problems among close people. This serial had the cast of Hareem Farooq and Ahsan Khan.

5. Laa ( HUM TV )


It was written by Sermad Sehbai, it is this romantic and spiritual drama serial. It had the cast of Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sadia Khan, this drama addresses social dilemma of men who have been considering women as part of bets to show their success.

4. Ahista Ahista ( HUM TV )


It had the cast of Adnan Siddique, Sarwat Gillani and Mawra Hocane. It was produced by Momina Duraid, it won innumerable awards,m serial portrays the common problem of marrying abroad without consent of the family.

3. Bulbulay ( ARY )


Bulbulay is nation’s favorite situational comedies, it has the cast of Hina Dilpazeer, Nabeel and Ayesha Umar.

2. Bashar Momin ( GEO TV )


This drama had romance, it had hatred and thriller combined. Faisal Qureshi gives a power packed performance, Ushna Shah and Sami Khan were too in the serials, this drama has been produced under ‘A&B productions’.

1. Pyaray Afzal (HUM TV)


It had the cast of Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aiza Khan and Sohai Ali Aaabroo, this serial is a must watch serial, you will love it for sure!
Do watch these top 10 best Pakistani dramas from 2014-2015!

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