Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2017

Each passing year seems to be a great one for the Korean film industry, with prosperous box office hits proving that the Koreans are not going to slow down any time soon, when it comes to the big screen. Big-name directors, such as Bong Joon Ho, Lee Ji Woon and Park Chan Wook, with all-around exceptional performance in various movies, made Hollywood debuts last year. The following top 10 best Korean movies in 2017 that is a major affirmation to the world that Korea is a powerhouse of film making in Asia, and anyone who watches the movies below will realize that.

best Korean movies in 2015

10. The Throne

2015 is the year that will apparently bring viewers plenty of period films from Korea and this one by Lee Joon-ik is definitely one of them. Lee’s The King was a record breaking film and the same can be said about Clown that was released in 2015. The story of this film is equally dark and intriguing.

The Throne

9. Gangnam Blues

While Korean directors have directed many gangster films, the most impressive one is undoubtedly Yu Ha’s A Dirty Carnival. In fact, it would not be wrong to dub him one of the finest directors of this genre. As the name of this film suggests, this one is going to be of a similar nature and hopefully better than his previous films.

Gangnam Blues movie

8. The Great Tiger

“The Great Tiger” movie will release in South Korea on 17 Dec 2015. This is a movie that talking about Joseon tigers and the tiger hunter, Cheon Man-deok.

The Great Tiger movie

7. The Customized Play

It’s been a long time since The Customized Play has been in production and it seems that the animated film is almost complete, which means that is going to be released this year. Based on the trailer, this is going to be one lovely animated film, especially the detail, imagery and the tone of this film. To say the least, it is an intriguing film.

The Customized Play movie

6. Journalist

Back in 2014, two films directed by Roh Deok made their debut, namely Tabloid Truth and Whistle Blower. Roh Deok had made an impressive debut and has made a great choice by casting the charming Jo Jong-seok, who is very much likely to show his most impressive performance yet. Journalist is probably going to have a brilliant script based on Roh’s past work.

Journalist korean movie

5. Hong Sangsoo’s Untitled Upcoming Film

Nothing much is known about this film apart from the Korean actors and actresses who have been cast. However, the fact that Hong Sangsoo has directed this film means that it will certainly be worth watching. Hong has directed consistently impressive films in the past, including Our Sunhi and is very capable of bringing out the best of his actors and actresses, so the same can be expected from this film too.

Hong Sangsoo’s Untitled Upcoming Film

4. Veteran

Ryoo Seung-wan’s previous film, The Berlin File did not garner much acclaim but viewers of Korean films had still been looking forward to it. This particular film from Ryoo is apparently going to be similar to 2010’s The Unjust. That obviously means that along with being an action thriller, the film is going to be somewhat of a noir film.

Veteran korean movie

3. Fingersmith

This is one particular upcoming Korean film that has been attracting a lot of attention and publicity, especially when it comes to foreign viewers. In recent years, Park Chan-wook has directed several Hollywood films, including Stoker, but it appears that he is making his comeback with this Korean film. Fingersmith is being slated to be sexually-charged crime drama.


2. Gokseong

While Na Hong-jin does not fall under the category of acclaimed directors, he is no amateur either. He is not as well-known in the Korean film industry as perhaps Park Chan-woo, but his comeback with this film will prove his directing skills. While the story of this film remains unknown, it has quite the cast.


1. Seoul Station

The most anticipated Korean film to look forward to is actually an animated film. Back in 2011 The King of Pigs directed the dark and gritty The King of Pigs, which was followed up by The Fake in 2013. Apparently, it is going to be a much darker and grittier film than Yeon Sang-ho’s previous ones and a live action sequel is also planned for the future.

Seoul Station movie

Thus, it should not be surprising that Korean movies are becoming more and more popular, considering how character and plot driven they tend to be, and they refreshing change that is offered from the formulaic Hollywood scripts. The Korean movies of today cater to every taste – comedy, fantasy, romance, suspense. Those who have never watched Korean cinema should definitely watch the above top 10 best Korean movies of all time to get an idea.

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