Top 10 Best Clothing Brands For Men In 2015

As the year progresses, numerous men’s clothing brand are now making the headlines by introducing new collections and lines. From high fashion to streetwear, below are 2017’s best clothing brands for men, whose creations are finding their way into the wardrobes of modern day male shoppers of clothing and garments.

Best Clothing Brands For Men

10. Our Legacy

Our Legacy is a Scandinavian brands and their creations reflect how practical and thoughtful they are when it comes to menswear. Our Legacy apparently has a very effective formula, i.e. their men’s clothing is always timeless and the massive yet simple designs their garments feature tend to reflect minimalism. Their seasons collections make it evident why Our Legacy belongs amongst the top men’s style brands.

Our Legacy brand

9. John Elliott + Co.

John Elliott + Co. is an American brand based in Los Angeles and their products gained tremendous popularity back in 2014. The range of men’s clothing that John Elliott has introduced in recent times is definitely desirable, especially because they focus on construction and fit when it comes to their clothing products. As per their motto, John Elliot + Co. produce garments that men can wear everyday.

John Elliott + Co.

8. Ami

Prior to establishing his own label, Alexandre Mattiussi had already worked as designer for brands like Dior and Marc Jacobs. Finally, he founded Ami back in 2011 with the intention of taking an accessible, humble and modest approach towards designing menswear. Men from every walk of life, whether fashionable or not, have developed a liking for Ami’s clothing.

Ami’s clothing

7. Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards is primarily a skate brand, but even men who are admirers of streetwear have become fans of the label. Lev Tanju, the founder of this brand, simply aims to create comfortable garments and his clothing produced have been received really well. Even celebrities like Drake also wear Palace Skateboards clothing, which is a testament of the stylishness of their menswear.

Palace Skateboards

6. Stampd

Stamped is yet another modern day menswear brand that not only represents minimalism, but their creations also tend to be monochromatic. Chris Stamp, the man who established the brand, used to customize sneakers using school tuition money. Their clothing is tends to be quite fashionable but at the same time wearable in everyday life.

Stampd clothing brand

5. Hood By Air

Hood By Air, the label founded by Shane Oliver, is known for its abstract and obscure clothing creations. Like other labels on this list, Hood By Air are also constantly experimenting with their products, producing garments that are a blend of high fashion and streetwear. The brand is leading the way in honing and improving luxury men’s fashion by making it more accessible and fluid.

Hood By Air

4. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is a widely esteemed menswear brand and despite undergoing a revival following Yves Saint Laurent’s death, the brand has become even more popular than before. There are currently numerous flagship Saint Laurent spaces worldwide where their creations rarely remain on the shelves for long. Hedi Slimane is now the brand’s creative director and has transformed the brand’s aesthetic in a good way.

Saint Laurent

3. Pigalle

This menswear brand was named after the 9th district in Paris and the brand’s foremost space is situated there as well. Stephane Ashpool is the head of this brand and the menswear that he creates fall somewhere in between couture and streetwear. Stephane, who grew up in Pigalle, draws inspiration from Parisian culture for his stylish creations.


2. Raf Simons

Raf Smions has consistently proven to be ingenious and inventive when it comes to modern high fashion. The brand played its part in numerous pivotal releases back in 2014, along with collaborating with Ruby Sterling to debt a spectacular Fall/Winter collection the same year. When it comes to men’s fashion, his creations not only reflect modernism, but also artistic and cultural by nature.

Raf Simons

1. Public School

Public School is an award-winning men’s brand, having been awarded the remarkably acclaimed CSFA award in 2014, while the brand has also accumulated several other trophies in the past. Ever since 2008 when Public School was established, it has been a hybrid brand that has always been a cross between high and low fashion. Although the label has debuted as a men’s brand, it has also expanded into womenswear too.

Public School brand

Conclusion: Men may not shop for clothing as frequently as women tend to do, but they certainly prefer to be well-dressed in most cases. Although luxury brands like Armani and Gucci are surely as popular as they ever were, the above labels can be regarded as the best clothing brands for men in 2015 for providing the perfect balance between high fashion and streetwear.

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