Top 10 Best Candy Bars In The World

There would be no single person on this planet who would’nt love eating the candy bars! Candy bars are known out to be the first love for the people who fall their hearts out for the chocolates and caramel. Here we will be discussing with the list of popular and top 10 best candy bars in the world.

List of Best Candy Bars In The World:

Twix - A best candy bar in the world.

Twix – A best candy bar in the world.

1. Twix Candy Bar:

This is taken as one of the most favorite candy bars of the kids! It has been filled with the 100% good quality of flavors that will surely going to make you in love with this candy bar. This candy bar is named as Twix as it is meant to be the symbol of purity and love. In this candy bar you will be finding chocolate as well as caramel and biscuit.

candy bar 1

2. Kit-Kat Candy Bar:

If you are not in love with Kit Kat then you are surely not in love with any other chocolate. It is accessible in so many flavors from which you can choose the one that is your favorite.

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3. Snickers Candy Bar:

Do you love snickers? Snickers are just like Dairy Milk in terms of shape and flavor. It is added with the pure milk over which the chocolate coating has been done over. It is amazing in taste and we bet you that you can eat it non-stop without any break. It has chocolate, caramel and even cookies.

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4. Milky Way Candy Bar:

Milky Way is the best one! You will get in deep love with this candy bar as the caramel and chocolate will melt up in your mouth. This make this candy bar as the perfect one. It is creamy with caramel.

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5. Butterfinger Candy Bar:

This is another one of the awesome candy bars! As you will start eating it you will going to carve for more and more and more butterfinger. Butterfinger is probably like the best one on this list!

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6. Hershey Bar Candy Bar:

Hershey Bar is something with the dark chocolate and getting the dark chocolate candy bars is the everlasting wish of everyone.

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7. Crunch Candy Bar:

Crunch is absolutely tasty and has been on the favorite list of the people and kids for the last so many years. It has the yummy sort of biscuit taste with the amazing chocolate caramel.

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8. 3 Musketeers Candy Bar:

As you will eat 3 Musketeers you will be finding it so delicious that you will start thinking about getting marry with them. It s overloaded with the chocolate that will drive you crazy for it.

candy bar 8

9. 100 Grand Candy Bar:

At the ninth spot we have the name of 100 Grand that is taken as being one of the favorite candy bars because of the taste and 100% pure chocolate present in it. You can easily find it from various stores at reasonable rates.

candy bar 9

10. Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Bar Candy Bar:

At the last but not the least one we have Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Bar! You will be finding this candy bar in almost all the homes as it is one of the yummiest candy bars for the kids.
So this was the top 10 most wanted and best candy bar in world 2015! If you never try any one of these candy bars then stop wasting time and grab your favorite and delicious one now!

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