Top 10 Beautiful Black Beaches 2015 In The World

We do visualize the long stretches of golden and also white sands but we have some of the beaches in the world which are remarkably black. Yes, right in this post, we will letting you know about the top 10 beautiful black beaches 2015 in the world! If you have not yet visited these black beaches 2015 then it is high time that you must have a look at them for once, you will just love them! Just feel their black sand, just feel their aroma, just feel the texture of that black sand and you will right away fall in love with these black beaches 2015! We have also been sharing the pictures and images of these black beaches 2015, just have a look at them from this page and then you have to let us know that which one is the prettiest and stunning of its kind of black beaches 2015!

Top 10 Beautiful Black Beaches 2015 In The World

10. Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica



It is also named as Playa Negra, it lines the small city of Cahuita which is on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. We can also call it as the most famous of the country’s black beaches. It is formed due to the 200 identifiable volcanic formations. It is honoured with the Ecological Blue Flag.

9. Piha Beach, New Zealand


Piha is about 40km from the city, in New Zealand, this beach is covered in black sands that can burn the feet in summer. The sand is black because of high content of iron in it, it is also named as a surfing beach.

8. Kamari Beach, Greece


Kamari is an island belongs to the Cyclades archipelago of Greece. It is the noteworthy black beaches that have been covered in sand and also with shingles. It has enormous kind of rock salt rising from the sea, you will have facilities like sunbeds and also umbrellas over here!

7. Santo Domingo Beach, Albay


It is formed as a result of volcanic activities, it is commonly known as the Sto. Domingo Beach. It is also one of the most authentic beaches in the world, it has black swath and also it has crystal waters, blue skies.

6. Black Sands Beach, California


It is the accessible black sand beaches that have been located near Shelter Cove in Humboldt County. It is covered with smooth pebbles of black colour, you will see several coves over here along with beautiful plants and flowers.

5. Black Sand Beach, Alaska


It is located in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, it has icebergs deposited, you will too feel that it is a cold beach and during the warmer months, all the sea kayakers come on this beach.

4. Langkawi Island, Malaysia


This beach has a strange combination of black and white sands, it is because of its black sand that makes this beach a geological peculiarity.It is also of this belief that these black sands are the remnants of a war.

3. Thiruvambadi Beach, India


Also known as the Black Beach, it is in the north Varkala, it has been located near coconut grove and it is partially covered with the black sand. It also contains a radioactive substance.

2. Point Venus, Tahiti

Point Venus - blak sand beach

Point Venus – blak sand beach

It is the famous black sand beach of Tahiti, it was named after Capt. James. Its water here is calm and its view is spectacular.

1. Vik Beach, Iceland


It is formed by hot lava that has been flowing into the sea, no doubt it is one of the best and top most black beaches 2015 and each and every year, it is visited by the tourists.

Some of the other black sand beaches in the world are Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia, US, and also Tithal Beach in Gujarat, India, we have Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam, India, Playa Negra Beach, and also Vieques in the Caribbean island. Hawaii is also full of beaches with this black sand, black beaches in Hawaii are like Kehena Beach, Pololu Valley Beach and also Kaimu Beach and many more. So, these are the top 10 beautiful black beaches 2015 in the world. If you are real kind of beach lover and you have visited some of the best and remarkable kind of beaches but you have not yet visited these black beaches 2015 then you are the unlucky ones, we are sure that you will just get crazy after these black beaches 2015. If you want to have more of the facts and figures about these black beaches 2015, if you want to have more information and detailing about them then stay tuned with us. We will keep on be letting you know more and more about the world’s best beaches so do stay tuned with us! Right now enjoy having the pictures of these black beaches 2015.

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