Top 10 Most Beautiful & Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

The love birds, immediately after their wedding, start planning for a great honeymoon. Next to the wedding ceremony comes the turn of selecting an ideal place to go and spend time at. Usually this decision is not a cup of tea for many lovers, because not all the world’s places are ideal to spend lonely moments.

Speaking of romantic heavens, there are several which you can choose from. To ease the selection of our readers, below is the list of top 10 most beautiful & astonishing honeymoon destinations in the world.

10. Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Bran Castle is the official name of this castle. Not only the castle but also the whole Romania is a worth see tourist points. The land’s mythical culture, delicious cuisines, and affordable accommodation is really going to add a plus to your honeymoon. The Dracula’s Castle is a worth see point with your beloved because it gives a feel of getting into the history of adventures with its fullest, and nothing is going to scare you because your beloved is present to hold you on.

9. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Imagine you and your beloved are on a serene beach, and enjoying your favorite drink. I am sure this is what you actually look for in a honeymoon trip. So, bring your beloved to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island where there is so much fun—waiting for you two. The island is an awesome place to behold the world’s beauty and spend lonely days with your lover.

8. Elqui Domos Hotel in Chile

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

This is a marvelous honeymoon point that is combined with timber cabins and PVC tent geodesic domes. The Dome Rooms are equipped with beds. For not only the newly married couples, but also the other tourists, this can be an ideal place to explore the hidden beauties of nature.

7. China’s Happy Magic Water Cube

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Back In 2011, the Summer Olympics aquatic space was turned into an indoor water park. If you believe me, China’s Happy Magic Water Cube will certainly be a great honeymoon destination. With its so many romantic twists, and affordable accommodation present close to it, the magical water cube is waiting to amaze your moments. So hurry up and get more information.

6. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Amalfi Coast is situated in Italy. This has been a marvelous and wonderful honeymoon point. If you and your beloved are foody persons, then nothing can be the better option than this coast. Here you can enjoy the delicious cuisines at reasonable prices, the beauty of shoreline village and beaches is really going to catch your attention.

5. Indonesia’s Borobudur

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

For the newly married couples who love visiting ancient places and want to enjoy lonely time together, Borobudur is a great place of Indonesia. Here you will be able to find mysterious temples, ancient castles, and other marvelous things to know how rich this land’s civilization was.

4. Silversea’s Silver Shadow Cruise in Alaska

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Out of the many Alaskan cruises, this cruise is something not to miss. Spending lonely time together is all possible at this cruise. So make it your first priority if you had been looking to enjoy time at snow-capped mountains. The romantic suites of the cruise welcome the tourists and enhance honeymooners’ experience.

3. Iceland Hot Springs

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

If you are fed up of the same old honeymoon points, then enjoy your time at Iceland Hot Springs. These are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you can go for it to have an option to relax with your beloved and enjoy romantic moments with great comfort.

2. Philippines

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Who says Philippines cannot be a honeymoon destination. in fact, this land has so much to offer you that you both won’t get tired of your trip. From best accommodation to delicious cuisines, and from adventurous attractions to relaxing environment, Philippines has various tourist attractions.

1. Vumpura Plains, Botswana

Astonishing Honeymoon Destinations

Vumpura Plains are situated in Botswana. It can be your perfect decision to enjoy a honeymoon trip. Set your time during the summers because the atmosphere at these plains remain vibrating and enjoyable. Here you can also amaze yourself with safari tents, stylish modern vineyards, ocean, and gourmet meals.

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