Top 10 Amazing Staircases 2015 In The World

We all climb up the stairs in our daily lives, we climbed up the stairs in our schools, in our homes, in our offices, in the plazas and malls but have you ever seen the amazing and exciting and also thrilling kinds of staircases, if not then we will be showing you! Here we will be telling you about the top 10 amazing staircases 2015 in the world, you should also be checking out their pictures, as you can see in these exciting staircases images that they look much thrilling and adventurous. If you have been ever given this chance to climb on these staircases then do not get afraid, just avail this chance and get to see the world and nature from these staircases. So far, these ten are the top ten and amazing staircases on this planet, we will be telling you more about other amazing staircases so stay tuned:

Top 10 Amazing Staircases 2015 In The World
10. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

This Spiral Staircase Linzhou, China has been built among the mountain face which is in the Taihang Mountains. It has the height of 300 feet, it can give you the thrill of mountaineering,if you are below 60 years, if you have a healthy heart and lungs then you are allowed to go.

9. Stairs Above The Sea

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

This Stairs Above The Sea has been a man-made stone staircase, it is on the small islet of Gaztelugatxe in Spain, it has been connecting the island to the mainland. It is the stunning staircase in the world, it has 237 steps.

8. Awaji Hyakudanen stairs

Awaji Hyakudanen stairs

It is located on Awaji Island in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, it has 100 different flower kinds of platforms, these square-shaped terraced gardens can be well reached with the help of the long cascading staircases.

7. Haʻikū Stairs

Haʻikū Stairs

These Haʻikū Stairsare in Hawaii, USA, it is the Stairway to Haven, it is the beautiful staircase in the world, it has 3922 step, it was made of wood but then modernized in the 50s. It is that exciting and thrilling staircases by which no example can be found anywhere! You should be trying out these steps.

6. Moses Bridge Stairs

Moses Bridge Stairs

This Moses Bridge Stairs has been located in Netherlands, it is surrounded by a moat, it has this recent restoration process and we saw the addition of an access bridge, this bridge has two dams.

5. Rue Foyatier stairway

Rue Foyatier stairway

This Rue Foyatier stairway has been located in Paris, France, it has 300 steps, it runs along a railway, it gives you an amazing experience. No doubt, it is this beautiful and best looking staircases that we have so far in this world. You should be visiting it.

4. El Peñol Stone

El Peñol Stone

This La Piedra Del Peñol has been located in Columbia, it has been rising from the bottom of this hydroelectric dam of Peñol-Guatapé. It is also named as the El Peñol Stone, you can also call it La Piedra, it is made of quartz and also from feldspar and mica, it has 650 stairs that lead us to the top but now it has been reached to 740 steps.

3. Inca Trail staircase

Inca Trail staircase

It is between the mountains and around the hills, this trail has been descending from a high point named by Phuyupatamarka, this staircase has 1500 steps, they have been carved in granite. You will also be seeing a steep set of stairs.

2. Universe Cascade

Universe Cascade

This Universe Cascade in Dumfries is in a private property, it is called the Gardens of Cosmic Speculations, it has been for the public only for one day in each and every year. It has this staircase which is a work of art, it has a cascading waterfall, it has this dramatic design, you will also be seeing this criss-crossing, it has 25 landings, at the bottom part, it has the mysterious origin.

1. Girnar Stairs

Girnar Stairs

This mountain region of Girnar has been located in Gujarat, India, it has 9999 steps, they actually begin from Domdar Kund, and right after 4000 steps, you will see plateau with Jain temples. Then the 2000 steps lies the Amba Mata temple, another 2000 steps, we see the Kalika temple, it is this rocky trail that can give you the mountainous view.
So, these are the top 10 amazing staircases 2015 in the world, just check out their pictures and then you should also be letting us know that which is that staircases which is truly the magical one. Just visit and climb on these staircases and do get back to us with your comments too that how was your experience. It is time to make a touring of the best staircases in this world, we have mentioned the top 10 one and we will be updating you more and more.

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