Top 10 Amazing Roads 2015 In The World

We have over four million miles of road in the U.S, we have roads on all seven continents, and we have roads under the ocean. This world is fully loaded with the amazing and smart kind of roads and right over here, we have managed to shortlist few of the best and topmost kind of roads only for you. Read the below details and get to know about the amazing roads 2015 in the world. You also have to let us know too that which one is that road which is the most amazing and superb according to you, enjoy having this list now:

Top 10 Amazing Roads 2015 In The World

  1. England’s “Sweet Track” – Oldest Road In The World


England’s “Sweet Track” is the first example of a constructed road. It was an elevated pathway, it is approximately 6,000 years old, it was these anaerobic conditions of that soil and water that preserved the wooden walkway.

9. Manhattan’s Broadway- Famous Road In The World


We have this Manhattan’s Broadway, the famous road, it was created by First Nation tribes. It is the important road in Nieuw Amsterdam. It is also the significant cultural hubs all over in the world. It is also known as the Great White Way.

8. Yungas Road- Dangerous Road In The World


Yungas Road in Bolivia is also named as the “Death Road.” It is carved out of the mountains, you can also say that it is also the beautiful and along with it, it can give you the terrifying experience. It had 200-300 fatalities a year, this road has a frightening reputation.

7. Pan-American Highway- Longest Road In The World


Pan-American Highway starts in Deadhorse and then Alaska on the Arctic Sea and then running down to Ushuaia, Argentina and then by the Strait of Magellan. It stretches 30,000 miles and it also rolls through 14 countries. Yes, it can be one of the amazing roads 2015 in the world.

6. Katy Freeway- Widest Road In The World


Interstate 10 in Texas is known as the Katy Freeway. Ir runs from Houston suburb Katy right through to downtown, it has the widest point I-10 of 26 lanes wide, it has 12 main lanes, and it has 8 lanes of accessing roads to the sides. It is 115 feet tall, it can handle half a million vehicles in a single day.

5. Australia’s Eyre Highway- Straightest Road In The World


Australia’s Eyre Highway is a long and lonely road. It runs over 1,000 miles long, you will see no hills that can make you rise over, it has now lakes to curve around, you will no even trees that will run behind your wheel. Tha is why it is one of the amazing roads 2015 in this world.

4. Lombard Street- Crookedest Road In The World


It is in San Francisco, it has many hairpin turns, it is 400 foot long. We can say that it has severe kind of curves in the world. It is the most visited “crookedest” road in this world.

3. Karakoram Highway- Highest Road In The World


The Karakoram Highway is the Friendship Highway, it is also the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is the road linking China and Pakistan, it runs through Gilgit-Baltistan’s mountains. It is this that has been marked as the highest paved international road in this world. It is 15,397 feet above the sea level.

2. Israel’s Highway 90- Lowest Road In The World


Israel’s Highway 90 is the Lowest Road in the Worl, it can drop to 1,400 feet right below sea level. It is also named as the Dead Sea Highway. This road is also a tourist destination.

  1. Europe’sSola Roadand North America’s Solar Roadways- Smartest Road In The World


Though they do not exist ye but we have some of the projects of green-energy producing smartroads, they are Europe’s Sola Road and also North America’s Solar Roadways. It will be these smartest roads that will be constructed on solar panels. Solar Roadway’s model was lab tested by Norwich Civil Engineering professor Edwin Schmeckpeper. It is capable of saving the “megaloads” that run past Solar Roadway’s front door, in this way four times the electricity will be saved.

So, these are the amazing roads 2015 in the world. Now, you know that which one are the longest roads, highest roads, straight roads and also lowest roads in the world. Sooner, we will also be telling you more about the amazing roads 2015 in the world so just stay tuned with us. Lt us know too that which one is that road which have been visited by you and which one is that road which you really want to visit! Whenever you visit some different place, you have to notice their roads and then assess that how much different they are!

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