Top 10 Amazing Museums In The World

We know that museum is a place that keeps the huge and massive collection of many strange and odd kinds of things, you might have seen the museums that have the collections of old art works, that have the collection of ancient animals, ancient species, that have the collection of mummies! If you have not yet visited such kind of museums then you should be visiting them right now. Are you looking and searching for the top 10 amazing museums in the world, if yes, then make sure that you do check out this post, in this post, we will let you know about the world;s most amazing and strange kind of museums, check out their pictures too and you have to give us your comments too how much you find these museums strange and amazing:

Top 10 Amazing Museums In The World
10. The Bunny Museum


It has been located in Pasadena, California, USA, this Museum has been dedicated towards rabbits, it holds more than 28000 rabbit items, it has the slogan of “The Hoppiest place in the World“. It has the collection of ceramic bunnies and also stuffed bunnies, cookie jar bunnies, it holds the Guinness World Record for right away ‘owning the most bunny items in this world’.

9. International UFO Museum and Research Center


It has been founded by Glenn Dennis in 1991, it has been located in Roswell, New Mexico, Mexico. It holds the history of incidents of sightings Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

8. Mini Bottle Gallery


This Mini Bottle Gallery is in Oslo, Norway. It has been featuring bottles from all around the globe, they have been used for many purposes and these bottles come in many shapes, sizes and also in the colours.

7. Museum of Mathematics

23 JANUARY 2013 - New York -  A young student rides a square-wheeled tricycle inside the Math Museum on January 23, 2013, in the Flatiron district of New York City, NY. Photo Credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosthree896479.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

It is a treat for all the mathematics fanatics, it was established in 2009, it has been located in New York City, USA. It facilitates interactivity with all the visitors. It enhances public understanding and perception about the mathematics. Its main attractions are Math Midway, Math Midway 2 Go. You should be visiting this one of the amazing and odd museums in the world.

6. Museum of Enduring Beauty


This Museum of Enduring Beauty has been located in Malacca, Malaysia. this museum has been showcasing that how beauty can be defined in different cultures.

5. Condom Museum


You should be visiting this Condom Museum that has been located in Nothaburi, Thailand. It can show you the evolution of condoms right through the years and also will be giving you the details of their durability and strength.

4. Cancun Underwater Museum


This Cancun Underwater Museum has been located in Cancun, Mexico. It has the of collection a total of 500 sculptures that have been present in three different galleries, they have been submerged between three and also six meters of water. Yes, it is one of the oddest and amazing museums in the world.

3.  Sulabh International Toilet Museum


It has been located in New Delhi, India, this Sulabh International Toilet Museum aims at sanitation improvements, to improve the health conditions. It was made by Sulabh International, it was an India-based social service organization and they have this aim to promote human rights, to promote environmental sanitation.

2. Museum of Bad Art


This Museum of Bad Art has been located in Massachusetts, USA, it established in 1994. It can show you the prominent examples of ‘Sunday on the Pot with George’ and also ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’ and also ‘Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt’, etc. Yes, it has been one of the amazing museums in the world.

1. Icelandic Phallological Museum


It was established in 1997, it has been located in Laugavegur 116, Reykjavík, Iceland, it is the strangest museum in this planet. It has the world’s largest display of penises, it has the collection 280 specimens, it has the collection of 55 penises that have been taken from whales, it has the collection of 36 penises that have been taken from seals.
So, these are the top 10 amazing museums in the world, we are sure that you will find all of these museums quite and rather strange. You have to make a visit of them right now and then you can well explore that how much strange and odd these museums are! We have only mentioned and come up with the top ten one but we have the other list too, if you want to know more about the amazing museums in the world then you have to keep in touch with us. We are too sure that these museums will be adding lot of information too. We will let you know about the odd and strange things in this world apart from these museums so keep on connected with us and enjoy this information.

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