Top 10 Amazing Coloured Beaches In The World

Have you ever listen about the colored beaches? Well according to the information of the people beaches water just have the blue and white in shade! But what happens if you get the chance to watch out the beach that is pink or purple in shade? Hold your heart beats because here we will going to give a review about the beautiful and top 10 amazing colored beaches in the world after which you will 100% going to forget blinking your eyes!

Top 10 Amazing Coloured Beaches In The World


10. Papohaki, Hawaii:

beach 10

At the first we have beach of Papohaki, Hawaii and it has the yellowest sands which you will ever see in your life. This is what we define to call a picture perfect!

9.Grey Coloured Beach:

beach 9

This beach is located on the Caribbean island Montserrat as its a mix of pure white and black volcanic rock.

8. Orange Coloured Beach:

beach 8

This beach has an orange sort of color as because this one is located in Porto Ferro, Sardinia. Isn’t it beautiful to watch?

7. Brown Coloured Beach:

beach 7

This beach is located in Pacifica, California. It is even known as the Chocolate beach as named up by a lot of people.

6. Purple Coloured Beach:

beach 6

This beach is located in California, USA. This beach gets its purple color from manganese garnet deposits which are constantly falling down from the eroding hillsides.

5. White Coloured Beach:

beach 5

This beach is situated in New South Wales, Australia. This beach holds a Guinness Record for having the whitest sand in the world. Moreover in the summer it is as pure white as snow.

4. Red Coloured Beach:

beach 4

This beach is in the Rabida, Galapagos. This beach is found to be shaded in red because the sand is made from iron-rich lava. It even has a saltwater lagoon inhabited by flamingos and a bachelor sea lion colony.

3. Pink Coloured Beach:

beach 3

Pink colored beach is located in Harbour Island, Bahamas. This 3-mile beach is full of pretty pink sand. Its pink colour is formed by loose chunks of coral broken down in the ocean and then being washed ashore.

2. Green Coloured Beach:

beach 2

This beach is located in Kourou, French Guiana. This beach has green shade as mostly made from a mineral called olivine as which is formed by lava as it cools when it hits the cold sea.

1. Black Coloured Beach:

beach 1

At the last we have the black colored beach! This beach is located at the place of Cahuita, Costa Rica and it is one of only 2 pure blue water as filled with black sand beaches in the world.
We hope that after knowing about all these breath-taking and amazing colored beaches in the world you would have surely dreaming about visiting them all with your loved ones! Book your tickets now!

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