Top 10 Amazing Churches In The World

Inside the world as you will travel through you will be finding with so many unique and amazing looking churches which you will surely going to dream about visiting them all. Here you can view up the list of top 10 most amazing churches of the world.

Top 10 Amazing Churches In The World


10. Chapel St Kinga Church:

church 10

This church is located in Bochnia, Poland. The Chapel of St. Kinga is located with the coverage of an old salt mine. It was made over 750 years ago. It was named as salt because the salt was extracted and once stocks ran out it was turned into this.

9. The El Nazar Kilise Church:

church 9

This is another one of the amazing churches in the world as you can walk right past the El Nazar Kilise and even never know it was there. You can reach at this church by crossing the challenging 300m hike. This is the location of the closest road.

8. Church of Old Potosi:

church 8

This church is located in the place of Potosi, Venezuela. It has an 150 ft church steeple. This church has even flooded the valley to make the La Honda dam.

7. The Chapel of St. Gildas:

church 7

This church is located at the place of Brittany, France. It has been build up as inside the rocks of the Blavet Valley is the Chapel of St. Gildas. It was hence built into the giant granite backdrop it is hence just accessible by a rather long river trip by boat.

6. St Cwyfan’s Church:

church 6

This church is located at the place of Porth Cwyfan, Wales. This is a high tide only church and stands on a tiny island off the coast of Anglesey.

5. The Saklı Kilise Church:

church 5

This church was discovered in 1957. An interesting fact behind this church is that there are several hidden churches with the Cappadocia valleys.

4. The Church of Saint George:

church 4

This church is located at the place of Lalibela, Ethiopia. It is so beautiful looking as it has been carved from red volcanic rock in the ground.This Christian church is often described as an eighth Wonder of the World!

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross:

church 3

This amazing and architectural wonder is built into the red rock cliffs of Sedona, Arizona. It is even called The Chapel of the Holy Cross that it is a Roman Catholic chapel.

2. The church of St. Michel d’Aiquilhe:

church 2

This church is located at the place of Aiguilhe, France. It is so unique because it is the one that is located on top of a 280 ft Lava Plug.

1. The Fisherman Church:

church 1

At the end we have the Fisherman Church as it is located in the place of Santorini, Greece. Hence it was made so the fishermen because of the tall cliffs around the church.
So these have been the top 10 most wanted and yet the amazing looking churches in the world! They are not just unique historically but even worthy to watch as well. Are you ready to explore them all?

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