Top 10 Amazing Chocolate Destinations 2015 In The World

Have you even listened about the chocolate destinations? By the name of chocolate destinations you would be thinking that such places will surely be filled with the chocolate mountains, lakes and roads. Well such concepts can just happen in the imaginary world. By the name of chocolate destinations we meant the place that provides with the excellent and 100% pure chocolate to the chocolate lovers. Let’s take you on the ride of the chocolate planet where you can meet up top 10 amazing chocolate destinations 2015 in the world!

Top 10 Amazing Chocolate Destinations 2015 In The World

10. The Cologne (Germany):


Germany is considered as the capital of chocolates. The Company named Stollwerck chocolate is known out to be the second leading provider of the chocolate items to the United States. The Stollwerk is located in Cologne. After its 150th celebration the entire display has been changed up into the museum as it displays all their chocolate products ever produced till date.

9. The Tain L’Hermitage (France):


Tain L’Hermitage is situated in central France. It is the home town of the world famous chocolate producing company known as Valrhona. The Valrhona Ecole Du Grand institute is a world’s finest teaching school that produces chefs as well as chocolatiers and caterers exclusively.

8. The Hershey (Pennsylvania):


Hershy, Pennsylvania is popularly known as the “Sweetest Place” on the Earth. The Hershey town is the home town for H.B Reese Candy Company and the Hershey Chocolate Company. If you are in deep love with the chocolates then you should definitely come across various Hershey’s snacks and chocolate products.

7. The New York (US):


The entire city is loaded with chocolatiers, confections and stores as from almost all the chocolate brands in addition to companies in the world.

6. The Villajoyosa (Spain):


Villajoyosa, Spain is also known as the Chocolate City. This city has a long history that is hence starting from the 18th century. This city is the home town of the gourmet chocolate company Valor. It was established in 1881.

5. The San Francisco (California):


This place is a destination for those who love chocolate. There are special chocolate tours that are special arranged for visitors and tourists. These tours take the tourists and visitors to an assortment of chocolate factories/museums to direct them about the historical essence of chocolate and how the finest chocolate treats are prepared.

4. The Oaxaca (Mexico):


The world’s first chocolatiers are the old Mesoamericans and ever since that time Mexico has been producing chocolate. No doubt those residents of Oaxaca, Mexico have made chocolate an essential element of their civilization.

3. The Zurich (Switzerland):


Switzerland is a central-European country that is famous in support of many things as in which chocolate is being among the top. It is home to the most popular chocolate producing companies such as Treuscher, Sprungli and Cailler-Nestle.

2. The Brussels (Belgium):


Belgium as the entire country is known as the paradise of chocolates. The country of chocolates comprises of the 12 chocolate factories as well as over 2000 chocolate shops/outlets and 16 amazing chocolate museums.

1. A Chocolate Nation Nonpareil (Switzerland):


Switzerland started with its chocolate production business in the year 1875. In the year 1879 Rudolphe Lindt melted chocolate take the best place of popularity among the chocolate lovers.
So if you ever get the chance to visit these countries make sure that you take the best fun from its tasty chocolates as well! Chocolate lovers get ready!

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