Top 10 Amazing Canal Cities In The World

Do you have the wish to visit the canal cities of the world? Well as we talk about the canal cities of the world then just the name of Venice strikes the mind. But at the same time there are so many places in the world whose beautiful canal cities will take your hearts all away! Let’s take you at the long ride of the tour where we will be putting forward the list of top 10 amazing canal cities in the world!

Top 10 Amazing Canal Cities In The World

10. Birmingham:


Birmingham is said to have more canals than Venice. The boat journeys by the side of these waters are best as they put forward a sight of the quaint buildings in addition to idyllic landscapes.

9. Tigre:


At the next we have the name of Tigre! It is just made up of small islets in the delta of Parana River. Tigre is situated 20 miles as just away from Buenos Aires. The picturesque landscape and only one of its kind wildlife block up the place of contemporary establishments.

8. Suzhou:

Along a canal near Tiger Hill, Suzhou, China

Along a canal near Tiger Hill, Suzhou, China

It is just located in the centre of the Yangtze Delta. Suzhou traces its history back to 5th century BC. This historical town is also famous in support of its water network and Chinese architecture. The city offers a quick look of old China and its culture.

7. Stockholm:


The Swedish capital Stockholm is built up on frequent islands as just by means of canals and bridges connecting them. A sail all the way through the waters will bring before your eyes royal palaces and lush landscapes. The canals in the Scandinavian city freeze in the winter.

6. Bruges:


This canal place has been just designates as just being the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Bruges is surrounded by a chain of canals that just often termed ‘Bruges Egg.’

5. Annecy:


It is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. The Canal du Thiou is the central piece of attraction as in the middle of the waterways as in the corner of which the famous Palais de l’Ile. It was built in 12th century.

4. Alappuzha:


This canal city is just lying as near the Arabian Sea as the city is famous for its canals. This was just originally built to transport coir. The canals are linked to pristine backwaters where thousands of houseboats are presented just for offering service.

3. St. Petersburg:


St. Petersburg is home to an intricate canal network linking the Baltic Sea and River Neva. The city hosts White Night Festival every summer that even give away the best entertainment of the music and shopping.

2. Amsterdam:


Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and more than a thousand bridges connecting them. In 2009, Amsterdam’s central canal ring was inducted into the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

1. Hamburg:


Hamburg is virtually encircled by water. The Alster and Elbe rivers form the spine of this water network. Plus you can spend a good time shopping as well.
So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and rush to visit these paradise view canal cities that will force you to get in love with them all!

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