Top 10 Amazing And Beautiful Cities In 2015

This world is full of beautiful and amazing cites, that is why here we will be telling you about the top 10 amazing and beautiful cities in 2015:

Top 10 Amazing And Beautiful Cities In 2015
10. Sydney


It is also known as the jewel of Australia, it has around 100 beaches, it has this charming horizon, it has the iconic Opera House of the world. You can enjoy its beaches, harbor, you can see its waterfront, it has these charming hills and also captivating kind of coastal paths.

9. Bruges


Do you know that it is the capital of Belgium? Yes, it is, it has been located on the north-west side of the country. It was also considered as one of the world’s chief commercial city. It is famous for its medieval architecture, it has these best buildings, it has these amazing attractions. It is a small city, it is the world’s best preserved old fashioned cities, it has these monuments that have been encircled by canals, it has these mesmerizing romantic pavements.

8. Lisbon


It is the capital city of Portugal, it has this artistic beauty, it has been located on these successive hills at the Tagus Rive, it is too located next to the sea, it has these that captivating scenes can be viewed just across the city. It has these magnificent beaches and also attractive buildings, it has these extensive parks and too amazing architecture. You should be seeing its flawless beauty and breathtaking views.

7. Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

It is too named as Rio city, it is this amazing city of Brazil. It has been blessed with some outstanding settings, it is the world’s most naturally beautiful city. If you will be standing just behind Corcovado statue then you can have the complete view of its mesmerizing landscapes, you can too have a look at its tropical lavishness, it has this stunning ocean, beautiful sand at beaches!

6. Amsterdam


It is the capital of Netherlands, it has this canal network, it is famous for its aesthetic heritage, it is one of the peaceful cities of Holland, it has these admiring canals, you can have a look at its captivating parks, beautiful monuments, it isone of the world’s most glamorous cities.

5. Florence


It has various attractions, it is renowned for aesthetic heritage, it has these museums and palaces collection. It is an impressive city where you can perfect domes ,horizon, bridges, the glorious Italian Cathedral that has been existing at the middle of it.

4. Rome


This city has been residing on the seven hills by the Tiber River, it has this impressive architecture, it is known for its landmarks, beautiful streets, Roman Forum and also the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel and also Trevi Fountain and Saint Peter’s Basilica are one of the important attractions of the Rome.

3. Cape Town

Cape Town

It has been situated at the Southern tip of Africa, it is surrounded by distinctive mountains, it was too titled as the World Design Capital of 2014.

2. Venice


It is the capital of Veneto Province, it has been located in north east Italy. It is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, it is renowned for its canals that have been designed on a group of 118 islands

1. Paris


It is the capital of France, it is the masterpiece of art, it has this amazing Eiffel Tower which is the beauty of Seine River, have you checked out this place?
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