Top 10 Amazing Alive Foods In The World

Have you ever thought about eating the alive foods in your life? If you will look over in the past then majority of the people prefer eating the alive foods as they think that it contains much vitamins, nutrients and healthiness. This trend is even going on till now in few parts of the world. Mostly the people who are living in forests they favor eating the snakes and alive animals to remove off their hunger. Here we have the list of top 10 amazing alive foods in the world which you would surely never going to think about trying it!

Top 10 Amazing Alive Foods In The World

10. Ying Yang Yu:


This is a Chinese dish which means “dead and alive fish”. Ying Yang Yu is deep fried fish except for the head. It is usually served up with the sweet as well as sauce. It is alive and if you will view it for few seconds you will found its head moving. It is cooked quickly and make sure that it is alive.

9. Ikizukuri:


lkizukuri literally means “prepared alive”. In this dish the consumer will going to make the choice of the fish which they wants to eat from the tank. While eating the fish you can see the heart of the fish still beating, and the mouth still moving to breath.

8. Sannakji:


It is basically Korean dish in which the main ingredients are small octopus, or nakji. The little octopuses are either presented whole or sometimes the tentacles are cut off the live octopus. It is served as it is put straight on the plate. The most stunning part of the dish is that the octopuses are alive.

7. Frog Sashimi:


It is a Japanese fish in which a living frog is cut open on an ice platter. The sashimi bits are sliced out and the remaining part of it is simmered for a soup. Imagine how you will react if you will find the frog legs dancing while sprinkling the salt on it. Most of the frog pieces are raw but dead.

6. Sea Urchins and Oysters:


They don’t move but you don’t know that they are alive. It is a dish from the place of Italy. This dish includes the catching sea urchins or Ricci di Mare and eating them immediately is its popular feature.

5. Odori Ebi:


This amazing and yet strange Japanese sashimi delicacy contains one baby shrimp, and is eaten in a single serving. They are deep fried and are often served with the creature that is cooked skilfully and quickly in which you will be finding the head and legs moving.

4. Drunken Shrimp:


It is a Japanese dish as where about ten fully grown shrimps are served with the means of a bowl of Baijiu. It is served with the drink which has approximately 40-60% alcohol content. The eater has to ‘catch’ the active shrimps as the time they jump around in the liquid, and stuff them in the mouth before they can break away from.

3. Noma Salad:


This dish is quite popular in almost 50 hotels of Denmark. This dish has been heavily inspired by the practice of eating ants. Its cost is about $300 ant salad. The ants are frozen so they move slower. You will be finding the ants just as crawling across the lettuce leaves of the salad.

2. Jumiles and Chumiles Tacos:


This dish is included with the stink bugs that are often alive. They are smaller in sizes. They are set with the high flavor of the iodine to add the tasty touch in it. It is known out to be the special delicacy in Mexico but much particularly in the Taxco region.

1. Casu Marzu:


This dish is at the top of the list because it is banned in major parts of the world. This is because of the fact that the dish has the maggots that are jumping as high as 6 inches.
So these have been few and yet top ten amazing alive foods in the world! They dishes sound quite disgusting but for some people they are no doubt tastier and yummy to eat. Are you ready to try them all?

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