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The Top 10 Most Amazing Sinkholes in the World

Sink holes are mystifying. Sometimes they are caused by man made things such as sewers, but other times they are made by simply the ground not being able to support itself any longer. They can appear anywhere and at any time. There is no way to predict when it will happen and if it happens near homes or businesses, the damage could be massive. However, some sinkholes that form give us amazing views. Through them we learn and explore. Here is a list of the top 10 most amazing sinkholes in the world.

10. The Great Ravenna Boulevard Sinkhole

The Great Ravenna Boulevard Sinkhole

The Great Ravenna Boulevard Sinkhole

If nothing else, this sinkhole is famous because of the amount of damage that it caused. It happened in Seattle on November 11, 1957. A sewer trunk collapsed and became the largest and most costly sewer collapse in the US. It was 145 feet below the street. Luckily the sinkhole that formed was only 60 feet because repairs still took two years to finish. Imagine if it had been deeper.

9. El Zacaton

El Zacaton Sinkhole

El Zacaton Sinkhole

At 1,112 feet deep the El Zacaton is the deepest water filled sinkhole that the world has seen. This was determined in 1997 when NASA sent in underwater robots to find out how deep the sinkhole truly was. It has clear blue water and it is beautiful to see. However, it also has a high concentration of minerals that contribute to a sulphurous odor. The water inside is also very warm.

8. Cenote Ik Kil

The meaning of this name is, “natural well”. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and is sacred to the Mayans whose Royalty used it for both sacrifices and relaxation. It is 90 feet deep and filled with tropical vegetation. The water inside is clear blue.

7. Daisetta, Texas Sinkhole

Geologists think that years of storing salt water waste, which is a byproduct of producing oil, is what caused this massive sinkhole. It started on May 7, 2008 when a sinkhole that was 20 feet wide formed. Over the next several hours it expanded to 900 feet wide and 260 feet deep. It swallowed everything within its path and is a four mile diameter of compacted salt.

6. Numby Numby

Australia is home of the Numby Numby where the Aborigines once thought housed evil spirits. It is surrounded by high cliffs and it is located in the Northern Territory. It is fed by an underground hot spring which keeps the water a consist 90 degrees. The shallow area of it, around the rim, is covered with large lily pads and the water drops immediately to 200 feet as soon as you get past the lily pads.

5. Dean’s Blue Hole

This sinkhole holds the title of being the deepest known blue hole or underwater sinkhole. It is filled with sea water and reaches a depth of 663 feet. It is located near Long Island in the Bahamas. At the surface, the diameter of this rough circle averages from 82-115 feet. However, if you can swim down to 66 feet you will find that the hole widens and there is a cavern that reaches up to 339 feet wide. On December 14, 2010 a man named William Trubridge free dived into the Blue Hole and swam to a depth of 101 meters on a single breath using only his hands and feet to propel himself. This broke the free diving world record and put Deans Blue Hole on the map of cool places to see.

4. Neversink Pit

Alabama has a limestone sinkhole that is perhaps one of the most photographed. Inside it has waterfalls that flow down over fern covered ledges. It is about 40 feet wide at the top and 100 at the bottom. It is also 162 feet deep. It is home to very rare types of fern that are endangered as well as a home to many bats.

3. Montezuma Well

During prehistoric times there was a limestone cavern that collapsed and formed this sinkhole which is located in Arizona. It is part of the Montezuma National Monument Park. It is 365 feet wide and reaches a depth of 55 feet. Each day about 1.4 million gallons of water flows through it. The sad part is, it is that it contains high levels of carbonation and arsenic which means that it cannot support fish.

2. The Great Blue Hole

This is a large underwater sinkhole that is located off the coast of Belize. It is over 1,000 feet wide and 400 feet deep. It first formed as a limestone cave system when water levels were low during the last ice age. As the temperature warmed, waters melted and it flooded. In 1971 Jacques-Yves Cousteau declared it one of the best scuba diving sites and today it is known as a World Heritage Site.

1. Devil’s Den

Devil Den Sinkhole

Devil Den Sinkhole

Williston, Florida is home to a fern draped sinkhole that is fed by underground springs. Water temperature is 72 degrees year-round and on cold mornings steam will up from the ground near the sink hole. That is how it first became known as the Devil’s Den by early settlers. Because of the clear water it is very popular for both divers and snorkelers. Anyone who visits can see a variety of cool things including fossil beds, stalactites, and ancient rock formations. It is recognized as a prehistoric site by Florida. There were bones of a man found inside of it that date back to 7500 B.C. as well as a giant sloth and a partial mastodon skeleton.The list of the top 10 most amazing sinkholes in the world comes from all over the world and there are many that are never mentioned. Are you ready to visit some of these amazing creations?

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