Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2020 All Over the World

There is no doubt about the fact that as on one side wrestling is known as the life and death game then at the same time it is called out to be the best money making business. There are so many wrestlers who made the big name in this profession in the very start but at the same this profession gives them the chance to make huge sum of money too. Do you want to know the names of all those top best and richest wrestlers in 2020?

Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2015 All Over the World

10. Mick Foley:


This wrestler earns the income of worth $ 15 million. Mick Foley from Indiana is a wrestler, author and an actor. He has won world championship four times. He has been even given away with theaward of WWF Hardcore Championship.

9. The Undertaker:


He is one of the famous wrestlers as he is linked with this profession since 1984. He has the total worth of $16 million. He has the record of being unbeatable at WrestleMania with a score of 21-0. WWE can never be complete without him. He is considered to be the best wrestler. He is six time World Wrestling Federation World Tag Champion.

8. Shawn Michaels:


Shawn Michaels is a former wrestler. He quit wrestling in the year 2010 after making a record of eleven Slammy Awards. After retirement he got a place in WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. He is a great entertainer. He the worth of $18 million!

7. Chris Jericho:


Chris Jericho is a Ney York born actor, media personal and an accomplished wrestler. He is also a musician and a host. He is the first World Wrestling Federation Undisputed Champion. Plus he has won almost 29 championships. He has also been part of different Mexican, Canadian and Japanese wrestling championships. This wrestler has the worth amount of $19million.

6. Kurt Angel:


This famous wrestler has the net worth of $20 million. He holds the record of being the first and the only professional wrestler to win a gold medal. He won it at Olympics. He is also a renowned WWE wrestler. He won a bronze medal in World Championship Atlanta.

5. Triple H:


Tripple H has the total worth of $25 milion. He started with the ring name of Terra Ryzing in WCW. He then moved towards WWF. He is a real life husband of Stephanie McMahon who is working as a wrestling executive. Triple H has won 13 championships and presently he is working inside the ring as Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Show.

4. Big Show:


Big Show entered the world of wrestling in 1995. He is a professional wrestler and an actor. He is a seven times World Champion. He was named up to be one of the unbeatable wrestlers from WWE wrestling under his brand SmackDown. He twice won the World Heavyweight Championship. He has the worth of $30 million.

3. John Cena:


He is a professional musician and wrestler. He is one of the good looking wrestlers with huge female fan following. He won Heavyweight Championship twice and 11threign in WWE championship. He is a dangerous player in the ring. He has the worth of $35 million.

2. Steve Austin:


In the second spot we have the name of Steven Austin. He is one of the outstanding wrestlers. He also won Royal Rumbles three times. He became part of World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2009. He is now retired from wrestling. He has the worth of $40 million.

1. The Rock:


In the last and yet at the top we have the heart beat of many people named as The Rock. The Rock is the richest wrestler in the whole world. His $ 70 million net worth made him the richest wrestler. He has 17 reigns of WWE championship including ten Heavyweight championships.
So this was the complete list of top 10 richest wrestlers in 2015! Which one is your favorite wrestler from the list?

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