Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2020

Do you know that it is this cricket world that pays you the most! Now lets check out about the top 10 richest cricketers in 2015 and their earnings!

Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2020

10 Suresh Raina


He has signed quite number of commercials, he is the member of the financially lucrative Indian Premier League [IPL]. He has reportedly earned a NET income of USD 5 Million in 2014.

9. Rohit Sharma


He is from India, he is this skillful batsman, he just fully know how to deal with the incoming Yorkers, googlies, his bank balances stand at USD 6 Million. He is an active member of the Indian Premier League. Do you know that he has made quite a number of records!

8. Gautam Gambhir


He has earned an income with a NET financial value of this USD 8M in 2014. His half of his income came just from playing cricket, the other half from these product endorsements. Do you know that he plays for Kolkata Knight Riders in that Indian Premier League (IPL), he has couple of major sponsors which are Reebok, Red Bull and also Hero Honda.

7. Kevin Pieterson


He is from England, he has been a star player in that Indian Premier League, he has been ranked as the fifth highest so far paid cricketer. In the IPL, he has been designated as being the high earner, his total earnings as of 2014 stand at USD 8 Million.

6. Chris Gayle


He is from West Indies, He is one of only three players who were being retained by the RCB for that IPL this year in 2014. RCB has been paying him USD 1.57M for this year’s IPL. He too plays for the T-20I and for that his USD is 250,000. He has been estimated to have earned USD 8.5 Million in 2014.

5. Virat Kohli


He is too one of the highest paids in the world! He is too among the highest paid cricketers in the Indian Premier League [IPL], he played for Royal Challengers Bangalore, He has earned USD 9.5 Million in 2014 and his major sponsors are Nike, PepsiCo and also Toyota that makes him to earn around USD 4 Million.

4. Shane Watson


He has earned USD 10 Million in 2014, he played for the high-paying Rajasthan Royals in that Indian Premier League, [IPL]. His major sponsors are Gunn & Moore and also Asics and TAG Heuer.

3. Shahid Afridi


He has earned USD 12 Million, he is this all-rounder, he is one of the highest paid cricketers in BPL, SPL and also APL as of 2014. He has been too earning from advertisements like that from Pepsi, Habib Bank, Mobilink, and also from Head & Shoulders.

2. Sachin Tendulkar


He has earned around USD 16 Million this year and it was to from advertisements, He is at the list of highest paid cricketers.

1. M S Dhoni


He has earned USD 30M so far in this year. He has least twenty five endorsements that pays him USD 1 Million annually.
So, these are the top 10 richest cricketers in 2015!

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