Top 10 Popular Rock Bands In The World

Inside the music world there are many musical bands that each single year came up with the debuts. Some of the bands fail to leave their lasting impression and few of them wins millions of hearts with just one beginning album. In this post we will be highlighting the list of leading and top 10 popular rock bands in the world.

10. Alter Bridge:


This band formed in the year 2004 in Florida. This band is added with 4 members as in which 3 of who are former Creed members. They have been highly acknowledged in support of their overwhelming melodies and deep and sexy vocal voices. They win the hearts with their mind blowing performances.

9. Rise Against:


This band was formed in the year 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. So many members joined this band and left the band but the band could not take to pieces the strength of their beyond belief songs.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers:

UNSPECIFIED - UNDATED: In this handout image made available on March 1, 2007 by MTV, members of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers poses for a portrait shoot. Red Hot Chilli Peppers were announced as one of the nominees for the MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007, which take place in Sydney on April 29 at the Acer Arena.  (Handout Photo by MTV/Getty Images)

This band was formed in the year 1983 in Chicago. This band has been just aimed in giving away the music that is just psychedelic rock and also on the funky approach.

7. Muse:


This band was formed in the year 1994. It is the perfect example of the Rock Band. They have each single time drive the people crazy at the time of concerts and audience love to listen them again and again.

6. Foo Fighters:


This band was set up as in the year 1994 after the tragic death of the Nirvana who was the band member Kurt Cobain is Foo Fighters. The band was formed by the lead drummer named as Dave Grohl of Nirvana and after that time they are coming up with so amny hit singles and albums. The band was found by Grohl after Nirvana got cut into pieces.

5. Green Day:


This band was formed in the year 1987 in the company of the punk rock genre. This band is a multi Grammy award winner and has even sold millions of copies in view of the fact that their arrival to the world of Rock. Their song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” are still loved by the fans.

4. Three Days Grace:


This rock band was formed in Canada in the year 1992. The band regrouped in the year 1997. Their songs are always added with the beautiful lyrics that simply take away the heart beats of the fans.

3. Breaking Benjamin:


This rock band is the inspiration for many upcoming new bands. They make the songs by keeping in mind what their fans love to listen with the strong message in it.

2. Avenged Sevenfold:


This band is taken as being the California-based band group formed in the year 1999. Avenged Sevenfold also known by the name of A7X has given the music world with the best music. Their melodies are always unique and different. They have given more than 8 million copies sold worldwide.

1. Linkin Park:


At the end and yet at top we have Linkin Park that is another one of the top known rock bands in the music world. Their songs are always listed at the top charts.
Well these have been top 10 famous musical rock bands in the world that will rule over the hearts of the people till the end of the music world. Whose rock band songs are your favorite?

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