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Top 10 Political Scandals In The World History of 2020

It is high time that all of you must have a look at the top 10 political scandals in the world history:

Top 10 Political Scandals In The World History


10. Thomas Jefferson’s Illegitimate Children


It is the scandal of President Thomas Jefferson. He had long-running romance and that too with his slave whose name was Sally Hemmings. We came to know that questions were raised at that time when Sally’s six and light-skinned children had a resemblance to the President. And it was also proved at that time that President Jefferson was the father of these six children.

9. Sergei Magnitsky’s Death


It is for the information that Sergei Magnitsky was a tax auditor, He was arrested because of aiding tax evasion. He also got died before he had his trial. We came to know at that time that the official cause of death wad told that he had untreated pancreatitis. At the same time, proof was also given that he had been beaten in a tortured way, that was why he died.

8. Nicolas Sarkozy’s Donations


This scandal is related to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Her campaign funds revolve around money. She also obtain money from L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt who had estimated worth of $33.4billion in the time of March 2013. But after some time, Nicolas Sarkozy was being charged and accused of taking this advantage in the form of donations.

7. Woodrow Wilson’s Wife


We came to know that his very first wife was died in the time of August 1914. Then he was married again to Edith Bolling Galt Wilson in the year 1915. There were rumours at that time that Woodrow was cheating on her first wife and he also killed her while having a plans with his second wife. At the same time, it was also heard that she died because of Bright’s Disease.

6. Christian von Boetticher’s Girlfriend


Yes, he was involved with a 16-year-old. Both of them met on Facebook. He also shared his personal life details with her and that relationship of both of them met and followed with a swift resignation.

5. Ronald Reagan’s Arms Deal


At that time, Iran had to buy weapons from the US so that relations can be improved with hostile Lebanon. So a deal was made to send 1,500 missiles and also to help anti-Communist troops in Nicaragua. When this deal was revealed then lots of people pit this question on Reagan that whether he had traded arms-for-hostages?

4. Tony Blair’s Dossier


Here we have other scandal of 2003 Iraq War and also British Prime Minister Tony Blair affair! When Iraq was charged of having weapons of mass destruction then plans to invade Iraq got started in the time of 2002. Later on, when Iraq was invaded then many experts were of this view that this Iraq issue was exaggerated by the media. The person who heated up this issue was Andrew Gilligan of the BBC. Later on he was also found dead in the time of July 2003 and this lead to the tearing of Tony Blair’s reputation.

3. Bill Clinton’s Sexual Relations


He was involved in the cases of sexual harassment that involves the cases of Paula Jones. He was also asked that whether he had an affair with White House intern whose name was Monica Lewinsky.

2. John Profumo’s Lover


It was the time of 1962 and the politician was John Profumo. He was the Secretary of State for War. And also the other Russian was Captain Yevgeny Ivanov. Both of them were in a relationship with a call-girl Christine Keeler.

1. Richard Nixon’s Cover-Up


Right at the number one position, we have this Watergate Affair of 1972. We came to know that the break-in right at the Watergate Complex was done because of the permission of President Richard Nixon. He was also charged because he backtrack the information. This scandal put an end to his political career. Do also have a look at the pictures of top 10 political scandals in the world history.

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