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Top 10 Natural Migrations In The World of 2020

Here at this post, you will be getting to know about the top 10 natural migrations in the world:

Top 10 Natural Migrations In The World


10. Gray Whales


Yes, they are one of the premiere example to be called as the top 10 natural migrations in the world! They have been hunted to near extinction. Now they have made a comeback in the North Pacific Ocean. They actually embark on a 3-4 month journey. They are chased by orcas. They are just best source of ecotourism.

9. Flying Foxes


They are quite and much sensitive to extreme heat. Their migrations have been fueled by the blossoming plants and also by the nectar they contain. But these things have become quite harder because of deforestation and also because of agriculture. They have been travelling to and from swamp and also rain forests and too woodlands.

8. Pacific Walrus

They like to live on ice and they like to spend their summers on some kind of rocky terrain areas. They like to perform an epic journey that get start from the Bering Sea and carries through Bering Strait. It is seen that Females and calves are much in numbers when it comes to migration.

7. Tuna

It is a fact that many of the species of fish have been living a migratory life. These kinds of fish have been all the time become a target of commercial fishing. We have been harvesting this fish throughout the oceanic. These fish travel around the ocean and they also cross a multitude of nations’ waters.

6. Salmon

They just leave the ocean and then they make theirselves enter into rivers and also into swim upstream. They all the time dodge predators at each and every turn.

5. Army Ants


They are also one of the most distinct examples when it comes to the nomadic lifestyle They are usually found in the continents of Africa and also in South America. We have seen that there are over 200 species of these army ants, they have their own animal kingdom. They form their own structure while migrating.

4. Sandhill Cranes

We have seen that hundreds and also thousands of sandhill cranes just travel from Northeast Siberia to the American Midwest each and every year. They like to travel in flocks and this flock is of over ten thousand birds. These birds then stay into states like that of New Mexico and also Arizona.

3. Wildebeest

They have been quite famous when we talk about the migratory prowess! Their migration patterns follow average patterns of that of rainfall. They like to travel with zebra. They also have special kind of knowledge of all of the languages of other animals. They also respond to different calls of alarm.

2. Monarch Butterflies


They have been quite common in many of the northeast states of the USA. They travel over 5000 miles each and every year. When they see that winter is coming, they just pack up and then they head south to Mexico and also areas of the US bordering it.

1. Arctic Terns

They have the longest migration right from start to finish, They just love to travel and they also enjoy the summer at each and every location. Do also have a look at the pictures of these top 10 natural migrations in the world.

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